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1. Title:   Bureau of Vital Statistics
Author:   Holli Boone Kees Archives
2. Title:   Holli Boone Kees
Publication:   Mitchell Family Researcher
3. Title:   Family Bible
Author:   Johnnie Jean (Mitchell) Boone
Publication:   Started December 1950

a. Note:   Jean is remembered by family and friends as being one of the sweetest individual that they had ever known. She was always there to lend a helping hand to anyone in need. She was also a very devoted Wife and Mother.
 She died at the home of her daughter in August. She went in her sleep. Her husband Paul was in California at the time, as his brother had just died the Friday before she did.
 Buried in the Boone Cemetery, located at the home of daughter's, Kristi and Holli. The Gazebo/Garden was built in remembrance of her. A Wooden Cross was erected in her honor and stands over her grave.
 The loves in my mother's life were, cooking, eating, family, friends and watching TV. She loved holidays, celebrations and get togethers. I believe she loved these things due to all the foods that were cooked. Food was my mother's greatest passion. Any types of foods. When she found out she had diabetis, and had to cut out sweets, it was almost more then she could handle. This was probably why she never recovered. She couldn't give up her love for eating.
 My mother suffered from several diseases; diabetis, pulimonary fibrosis (hardening of the lungs), high blood pressure, plibitus, congestive heart failure and obesity. Her death was ruled Congestive Heart Failure. All her family before her died from Pulimonary Fibrosis. It's an hereditary condition.
 Jean was cremated and and a Memorial Service was held for her on August 9, 1993 at St. Peter's Lutheran Church on Highway 334 in Gun Barrel City Texas.
 Dallas Morning News
 Sunday, August 8, 1993
 Johnnie Jean, departed from this life on August 6, 1993. Born August 24, 1933 in Dallas. Survived by husband, Paul Hollis; beloved daughter, Holli Jean Kees and son in law, Travis Roland of Eustace; beloved daughter Kristi Willard and son in law, Gerald of Eustace; beloved son, John Paul Boone and daughter in law, Ann of Fort Worth; grandchildren, John Michael, Travis Roland, Jeremiah Scott, Jacob Daniel, Aaron Hoke, Joseph Hollis, and Kasey Elizabeth. Memorial Services to be held at St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Gun Barrel City on Monday, August 9, 1993 at 3:00 p.m. All of us will miss her courage, strength and laughter. In loving memory from Linda and Mousie Tehee-Kees.
 Family History:
 Jean had three brothers that were all stillborn at birth. Her and her sister, Mildred are all that survived out of five children. Two of her brother's were twins.
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