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Marriage: Children:
  1. Norman Mitchell: Birth: 13 JUL 1914 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.. Death: 13 JUL 1914 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.

  2. Mildred Jo Mitchell: Birth: 14 DEC 1927 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.. Death: 17 DEC 1990 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.

  3. Twin Boy Mitchell: Birth: 23 APR 1931 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.. Death: 23 APR 1931 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.

  4. Twin Boy Mitchell: Birth: 23 APR 1931 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.. Death: 23 APR 1931 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.

  5. Johnnie Jean Mitchell: Birth: 24 AUG 1933 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.. Death: 6 AUG 1993 in Eustace, Henderson Co., Tx.

1. Title:   Family Bible
Author:   Johnnie Jean (Mitchell) Boone
Publication:   Started December 1950
2. Title:   LDS Library Online
3. Title:   Dorris Cleere
Publication:   Cousin
4. Title:   Newspaper Obit
Page:   Page 7B
Author:   Holli Boone Kees Archives
Publication:   Roll # T625-1791 # 779
5. Title:   Cemetery Visitation
Author:   Holli Boone Kees and Kristi Boone Willard
6. Title:   Headstone Photograph
Author:   Holli Boone Kees Archives
7. Title:   1900 Delta Co., Tx. Census
Author:   United States Government
Publication:   Federal Census
8. Title:   1920 Dallas Co., Tx. Census
Author:   United States Government
Publication:   Federal Census

a. Note:   Buried at Restland Memorial Park, Dallas Texas-Highland Gardens Section next to his wife Bonelyn.
 Inscription on Headstone reads:
 Bert L. Mitchell
 Jan. 15, 1895-Oct. 10, 1964
  There's not much I remember about GrandBert except he always used switches from the ChinaBerry tree in the front yard of his home located on Tatum Street in Arcadia Park, Dallas Texas to discipline the boys (Pokey and Bobby). Grandma (Pearl Baker) never let him switch me as I was four years younger then the boys were.
 My Aunt Mildred and Uncle Wayne lived two doors down at 101 N. Tatum Street from GrandBert for years. The old home burned down about 10 years ago, vandels they say did it.
 I remember Mother always said that GrandBert drove a truck for a living, until one time he was coming back from delivering a load of something, when a man decided to commit sucide and stepped in front of the truck GrandBert was driving. It killed the man instantly. Where this happened at, I'm not sure, but GrandBert never drove a truck again. It was broad daylight and on a bridge somewhere. GrandBert said he say the man for quite a ways, and just as he got to where the man was standing, the man jumped in front of him.
 I was seven years old when he died, and I vaguely remember the night it happen. The telephone calls coming in one right after the other, everyone crying. It was dark in the house and everyone seem like they were walking on eggshells. I didn't attend the funeral, I don't why. I can't even remember who kept us that day.
 GrandBert's death was ruled as Bleeding Ulcers. Dallas Times Herald
 October 1964
 110 N. Tatum, Dallas. Survivors , wife Mrs. Pearl Mitchell; 2 daughters, Mrs. Wayne Denton, Dallas, Mrs Paul Boone, Amarillo; 5 Grandchildren; three sisters Mrs Ray Gray, Dallas, Mrs George Howard, Dallas and Mrs. J. J. Nix, San Antonio. Services 11:30 AM Monday, Weiland-Merritt Live Oak Chapel, Rev. R. B. Cooper Officiating. Interment Restland.
  Another Obituary
 Mitchell, Bert L
 110 N. Tatum. Survived by wife, Mrs. Pearl Mitchell, Dallas; daughters, Mrs. Wayne Denton, Dallas; Mrs. Paul Boone, Amarillo; five grandchildren; sisters, Mrs. Roy Grace; Mrs. George Howard, both of Dallas; Mrs. J. J. Nix, San Antonio. Services, 11:30 a.m. Monday, Weiland-Merritt Live Oak Chapel, Rev. R. B. Cooper officiating. Interment Restland. Pallbearers; A. C. Ward, Wallace Weir, Jerry Baggett, Robert Loving, John Loving, Walden Harbor.
 2909 Live Oak
 Letter Rhonda (Mangum) Coombs found among Mildred (Mitchell) Denton's stuff:
 Dear Mr. Mitchell:
  I have just recently learned through Dr. Dierolf of the passing of your wife. I extend my deepest sympathy to you and to the rest of your family.
  I have received just partial information about the postmortem examination. This information confirms our diagnosis of your wife's difficulty. It was also evident from this examination that the destruction of her lungs, particularly, and of other organs, had been
 so extensive that nothing more could have been done.
  Since it became apparent that nothing could be done to restore her to normal health, I am glad that the final sickness was not prolonged.
  However, this is a great loss to you and your family and we are deeply sorry.
  Sincerely yours,
 Signed William M. Ashe, M.D.
  1900 Delta Co., Tx. census
 ED 37 Precinct 4
 page 8A
 line # 12 Dw # 134 Fm # 136
 Mitchel, William T. 41 male whie born Dec 1858 married 14 years MS MS TN
 Mitchel, Effie wief 28 female born Apr 1872 married 14 years 6 children born 5 alive IN IN IN
 Mitchel, Gracie L. daughter 12 female born Apr 1888 TX
 Mitchel, Bessie D. daughter 9 female born Jul 1890 TX
 Mitchel, Willie E. son 7 male born Nov 1892 TX
 Mitchel, Bert L. son 5 male born Jan 1895 TX
 Mitchel, Alta M. daughter 2 female born Mar 1898 TX
 Mitchel, Ann Eliza mother 68 female widowed born Nov 1831 children born 13 children alive 9 TN TN KY
 Mitchel, Fred nephew 12 male born Apr 1888 TX TX MS
  1920 Dallas County Texas Census
 ED # 15 T625-1791 Page 7B
 Jan 12-13
 Dw # 121 Fm # 143
 Line 62
 Loving, John H. M W 50 Grocerer Kentucky, Kentucky, Kentucky
 Loving, Olivia F W 46 wife None
 Loving, Mamie F W 24 daughter Bookkeeper
 Loving, Lowry M W 20 son Manager
 Loving, Wayne F W 18 daughter ?
 Loving, Idell F W 11 daughter none
 Loving, Joe M W 10 son none
 Loving, Jack M W 2 11/12 son none
 Mitchell, Bert M W 23 son in law Truck Driver
 Mitchell, Bonnie F W 22 daughter none
 Lowrey, Lillian F W 16 neice Saleslady
 Lowrey, Melvin M W 20 nephew Operator
  1930 Dallas Co., Tx. Census
 Ed 89 Dallas Township
 page 21A
 15 Apr 1930
 Line # 29 Dw # 145 Fm # 206
 Mitchell, Bert L. 34 male Truck Driver A P Grocery age at 1st marriage 24 TX MS IN
 Mitchell, Bonelyn K. wife 32 female age at 1st marriage 18 TX TN TN
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