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Marriage: Children:
  1. Gracie Lee Mitchell: Birth: 18 APR 1888 in Chisolm, Rockwall Co., Tx.. Death: 1 JUL 1978 in San Antonio, Bexar Co., Tx.

  2. Bessie D. Mitchell: Birth: 2 JUL 1890 in Lake Creek, Delta Co., Tx.. Death: 2 AUG 1975 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.

  3. Willie E. Mitchell: Birth: 13 NOV 1892 in Lake Creek, Delta Co., Tx.. Death: 20 OCT 1927 in Tx.

  4. Bert Littleton Mitchell: Birth: 15 JAN 1895 in Lake Creek, Delta Co., Tx.. Death: 10 OCT 1964 in Dallas, Dallas Co., Tx.

  5. John Elmer Mitchell: Birth: 2 MAR 1897 in Lake Creek, Delta Co., Tx.. Death: 15 MAR 1897 in Lake Creek, Delta Co., Tx.

  6. Alta Agnus Mitchell: Birth: 1 MAR 1898 in Lake Creek, Delta Co., Tx.. Death: 8 JUL 1972 in Dallas Co., Tx.

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Page:   page 16
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a. Note:   Notes from Holli Boone Kees:
 Double Headstone
 Section 18, Lot 18, spaces 9 & 10.
 Grove Hill Memorial Park
 Weiland-Merritt Funeral Home
 Dallas, Texas.
  Directions: Off Interstate 30, Ferguson and Samuel Road.
 William Thomas Mitchell Obit
 Sunday, Oct 14, 1956 Dallas Times Herald
 William Thomas Mitchell, 96, a retired cotton farmer who came to Texas from Mississippi in a covered wagon, died Saturday at his home, 6009 Ross.
 Funeral arrangements were pending late Saturday at Weiland-Merritt Funeral Chapel, 2909 Live Oak.
 Mr. Mitchell was born at Jackson, Miss., and came to Texas at the age of 7 with his parents in a covered wagon. He lived in Rockwall and Lamar Counties for many years and had a cotton farm near Rockwall. He retired from his farm work in 1936 and moved to Dallas.
 He lived in Wichita Falls for several years and operated a furniture store.
 In his younger days in Lamar County, he was known for his fiddle playing and worked with several bands for dances in the area.
 Mr. Mitchell was a member of the Baptist Church.
 He is survived by a son, Bert Mitchell, Dallas; three daughters, Mrs. Alta Agnes Jones and Mrs. Bessie Gray, both of Dallas, and Mrs Grace Nixon, Colorado, and 19 grandchildren.
 Was 28 years old when he married Effie, she was 14.
 Ran a pool hall in Terrell in 1920.
 Article from Dallas Newspaper
 Alert, Keen-Eyed
 Centenarian Saw Dirt-Road Dalls
 Written by: Harvey Bogen
 The Civil War, ox-wagon days and frontier-Texas are memories for an alert, keen-eyed gray-haired gentleman who reaches the century mark Friday.
 William T. Mitchell plans to observe his 100th birthday relaxing in his favorite arm chair before the television set at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Agnes Jones, 2518 North Henderson. He has been living with Mrs. Jones and another daughter, Mrs. Bessie Gray, 6001 Ross, alternately since selling his 400 acres of farm land in Rockwall County and retiring in the late 1920's.
 Normally, Mitchell would be up and about, taking a walk down to the neighborhood movie or working in the garden. But having undergone major surgery three months ago, he isn't rushing things. At that, he returned home three days after the operation.
 "Up until his operation," declared Mrs. Jones, "he used to get up and prepare his own breakfast every day, too."
 Conversation with the reminiscing centenarian makes this easy to believe.
 "I remember in 1869 when we came to Dallas to sell some fodder," he recalled, "and we stayed at a wagon yard where the courthouse stands (page torn) had big old trees in (page torn) River bottoms, and downtown Dallas was just a bunch of dirt roads."
 Born in Mississippi, Mitchell was 9 years old when his family and another family "came to Texas in an ox-wagon. We left in the fall and arrived in the spring. The other family didn't like it so they went back to Mississippi."
 Mitchell's parents apparently felt otherwise. They settled in Kaufman County "in a log cabin with a dirt floor." Mitchell's father was a shoe-maker in Mississippi when "Yankee soldiers torn up the town."
 He taught his son the trade but Mitchell "farmed all my life"-except for intervals when he operated a furniture store in Wichita Falls and a pool parlor in Terrell.
 An enthusiastic hunter in his youth, Mitchell "had the best luck anyone ever had shooting turkeys and deer." And his eyes sparkled as he told of the one time luck deserted him.
 "I caught him (a turkey) up, got read to shoot--and my gun wasn't loaded."
 A prized possession is a well preserved picture of the Plattsville, (Delta County) Band which went to McKinney in 1910 or 1911 to play for a visit by Gov. O. B. Colquitt shortly after his election. Mitchell played coronet in the band.
 "The Cooper band underbid us for the occassion, but they didn't have any uniforms so they tried to borrow ours," he grinned. "Of course we wouldn't let them have them, so we played instead."
 Mitchell also played the violin but has given music up in late years for sewing ad quilting. One of his quilts won third place in a State Fair of Texas contest in 1940.
 He never wears glasses, his daughter insisted, although he bought a pair years ago.
 "I took my girl to town to buy her a watch, and decided to buy me some glasses while I was at it." The glasses cost "$3 or $4" indicating how long ago it was.
 Mitchell also had some false teeth, "but he threw them out because he said they didn't fit," explained Mrs. Jones.
 He also uses a cane "if I don't forget." His favorite pasttime? "Watching the fights on TV." His descendants: Four daughters and two sons, 11 grandchildren, 21 great grandchildren and two great-great grandchildren.
 And to what does he attribute his longevity? "I don't smoke, chew, drink, or curse." replied Mitchell.
 On the affirmative side, Mrs. Jones disclosed that her father recites the Lord's Prayer every night when he goes to bed.
 Most of the story is true, but William Thomas never reached 100 years old. He died in 1956 liking three years before 100th birthday.
 In Remembrance
 In Memory
 William T. Mitchell
 Jackson, Miss.
 Date of Death
 October 13, 1956
 Services From
 Weiland Merritt Funeral Church
 2909 Live Oak Street Monday 2:00 P.M.
 Rev. R. B. Cooper
 Grove Hill Memorial Park
 October 15, 1956
 Postmasters and Post Offices of Rockwall County Texas 1876-1930
 Blackland-Robert J. Lowry 10 April 1878
 Blackland-Robert J. Lowry 11 Jan 1881
 Fate-Robert J. Lowry 5 Apr 1894
 Fate-Corneilus W. Lowry 28 Nov 1905
 Lawrence-William A.(should be T.) Mitchell 3 Aug 1905
  1860 Choctaw Co., Ms.
 page 337
 25 Aug 1860
 Line # 5 Dw # 1067 Fm # 1010
 Mitchell, Littleton 55 M Farmer $600 $659 b.MS
 Mitchell, Eliza A. 49 F houshold mistress b. TN
 Mitchell, Frances E. 7 F b.MS
 Mitchell, Durinda A. 5 F b.MS
 Mitchell, William T. 1 M b. MS
 Hezekiah, Mitchell 84 M Cooper b.GA
 Dillafayette, Dewit 19 M household mistress b.MS
 1870 Kaufman County Texas Census Records:
 Page 15, Post Office: Kaufman 8 July 1870.
 Dw # 79 Fm # 87
 Mitchell, Littleton 45 M W Farmer --/400 born: Mississippi
 Mitchell, Ann E. 38 F W born: Tennessee
 Mitchell, Durinda 15 F W born: Mississippi
 Mitchell, William T. 11 M W born: Mississippi
 Mitchell, Henry L. 9 M W born: Mississippi
 Mitchell, George W. 6 M W born: Mississippi
 Mitchell, Eliza J. 3 F W born: Mississippi
 Miller, Frances 17 F W born: Mississippi
 1880 Red River Co., Tx.
 ED 98 page 167A
 15 June 1880
 Line # 45, Dw # 352, Fm # 320
 Mitchell, W. F or T age 21 b. 1859 MS TN ? Farm Laborer
 1900 Delta Co., Tx. census
 ED 37 Precinct 4
 page 8A
 line # 12 Dw # 134 Fm # 136
 Mitchel, William T. 41 male whie born Dec 1858 married 14 years MS MS TN
 Mitchel, Effie wief 28 female born Apr 1872 married 14 years 6 children born 5 alive IN IN IN
 Mitchel, Gracie L. daughter 12 female born Apr 1888 TX
 Mitchel, Bessie D. daughter 9 female born Jul 1890 TX
 Mitchel, Willie E. son 7 male born Nov 1892 TX
 Mitchel, Bert L. son 5 male born Jan 1895 TX
 Mitchel, Alta M. daughter 2 female born Mar 1898 TX
 Mitchel, Ann Eliza mother 68 female widowed born Nov 1831 children born 13 children alive 9 TN TN KY
 Mitchel, Fred nephew 12 male born Apr 1888 TX TX MS
 note from Holli Boone Kees:
 I've been unable to establish who this Fred is, as none of William's brothers had a son named Fred. All of Effie's brother's through the McConnell line were too young to have children this age. As the 1900 census was the only one that had listed how many children born to this shows that Anna Eliza (Muirhead) Mitchell had 13 children born to her and her husband Littleton. The names of these children and who they were are a mystery. Only the nine alive ones can be determined.
 1920 Rockwall Co., Texas Census
 ED 152 Precinct # 3
 page 19A
 Line # 36 Dw # 34 Fm # 38
 Mitchel, William 61 male Missouri Missouri Missouri (wrong place...should be Mississippi)
 Mitchel, Effie 46 wife female Indiana Indiana Indiana
 1930 Dallas Co., Tx. Census
 ED 34 Dallas Township
 page 15A
 3 Apr 1930
 Line # 39 Dw # 183 Fm # 238
 Mitchell, William T. 72 male manager boarding house age at 1st marriage 27 MS MS MS
 Mitchell, Effie wife 55 female age at 1st marriage 14 IN IN IN
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