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  1. Annie Sterling Inch: Birth: 30 APR 1855 in Keswick Ridge, New Brunswick, Canada.

a. Note:   hool, St. John, and at the Univ. of Mount Allison, Sackville.Received from the Government of New Brunswick, in his 15th year, aFirst-Class Teacher's License, and commenced teaching in 1850 in thepublic schools. In 1854 he accepted a position on staff of MountAllison Academy, Sackville, until 1864, when he was called to thevice-principalship of the Ladies' College, Sackville, of which hebecame Principal in 1867. In 1876 the Government of Nova Scotiaappointed him to Fellowship of the Univ. of Halifax. He was also amember of the Senate, and Examiner in Logic and Mental Science of saidUniv. In 1878, he was elected President of Univ. of Mount Allison,taking the Chair of Logic and Philosophy. In 1886 he was elected VicePresident of the Province of New Brunswick of the American Instituteof Christian Philosophy. IN 1891 he was appointed by the govt. of NewBrunswick, Chief Superintendent of Education for the province, andpresident of the Senate of the Univ. of New Brunswick. He resided inFredericton until 1909, when he resigned his public offices due tofailing health, and returned to Sackville. He was the writer of theInch Family booklet published in 1912.
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