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a. Note:   ly, and the university won't be the same without him. Nor witllthe annual United Nations seminar for high school students for whichMr. Inch has been in larg measure responsible for the past five years.
 Born a Maritimer, Mr. Inch has had a lifelong interest ininternational affairs. This, as did his newspaper work when he camewest, brought him into contact with another great internationalist,the late John W. Dafoe. Mr. Inch's work for the League of Nationssociety took him to many countires and gave him a first-hand knowldegeof foreign affairs that has stood him in good stead in his seminarwork.
 Following the war, in which he served with the army overseas, anda spell at Mount Alison University, Mr. Inch returned to the West tobecome director of extension and adult education at Brandon. Here hebecame one of the university's most respected staff members. But hisgreatest influence and impact undoubtedly has been through the UNseminars which, thanks to his vigor and enthusiasm, have attractedspeakers of international reputation and have contributed greatly tothe enrichment of the students who have been fortunate enough to takepart in them.
 <b>Joan C. Brooks</b>
 <b>Winnipeg Free Press</b>
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