Thomas /MORSE/
B: 1603
P: Redgrave,Suffolk,England
D: 1640
P: Massachusetts

 Samuel /MORSE/
B: 12 JUN 1576
P: ,Boxted,Essex,England
M: 29 JUN 1602
P: Redgrave,Suffolk,England
D: 20 JUN 1654
P: Medfield,Norfolk,Massachusetts

 Elizabeth /JASPER/
B: 08 OCT 1578
P: Pedgrove,Suffolk,Eng
D: 20 JUN 1655
P: Redgrave,Suffolk,England

 Thomas /MORSE/
B: 14 SEP 1567
P: Stoke,By Nayland,Suffolk,England
M: 26 MAY 1573
P: Boxted,Essex,England
D: 28 AUG 1597
P: Foxearth,Essex,England

 Margaret /KING/
B: 1552
P: Of Boxted,Essex,England
D: 28 JUL 1585
P: Hindrclay,Suffolk,Eng

 Lancelot /JASPER/
P: <Syleham,England>
M: 10 DEC 1574
P: Redgrave,Suffolk,England
D: 1616
P: Redgrave,England

B: 09 AUG 1549
P: Redgrave,Botesdale,Suffolk,England
D: 03 SEP 1625
P: ,Suffolk,England,England

 Thomas /MORSE/
B: 1519
P: Of Stoke,By Nayland,Suffolk,England
M: 1535
P: Stoke-By-Mayland,Suffolk,England
D: 17 FEB 1567
P: Stoke By Nayland,Suffolk,Eng
 Agnes /x/
B: 1521
P: Of Stoke,By Nayland,Suffolk,England
D: 05 APR 1574
P: Stoke-By-Nyland,Suffolkshire,England
 Thomas /KING/
B: 1533
P: Of Boxford,Essex,Eng
M: ABT 1550
P: Of Boxted,Essex,Eng.
D: MAY 1602
P: ,,England
 Rebecca /x/
B: 1535
P: Boxford,Essex,Eng
D: 01 JAN 1605
P: Boxford,Essex,Eng
 (Unknown) /JASPER/
B: ABT 1527
P: ,,England
M: ABT 1549
P: ,,England
B: ABT 1528
P: Redgrave,Suffolk,England
P: ,,England
 Robert /SHEPHERD/
B: 1505
P: Of Redgrave,Botesdale,Suff.,Eng.
M: ABT 1551
P: Of,Redgrave,Suffolk,England
D: 03 FEB 1560
P: Redgrave,Btsdale,Suff.,England
 Mrs. Agnes /SHEPARD (MNU)/
B: 1509
P: Of Redgrave,Botesdale,Suffolk,Eng.
D: AFT 03 FEB 1560
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