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Marriage: Children:
  1. Herbrand Jenssen: Birth: 24 SEP 1820 in Sundby, Hurum, Buskerud, Norway. Death: 25 SEP 1820 in Sundby, Hurum, Buskerud, Norway

1. Title:   Digitalarkivet
Author:   Norwegian National Archives

a. Note:   This may be her family in the 1801 census
 County district Parish Local parish Gard/hus Prestegjeldnr
 20478 Jarlsberg Og Larvik Sande Sande Flaaten Nordre 0713
 311197 * Herbrand Kittilssen Husbonde 65 1te gang gift Selv eyer bonde M
 311198 Giertrue Gullichsdtr Hans kone 51 1te gang gift K
 311199 Kittil Herbrandssen S�n 25 Ugift Dag arbeydere M
 311200 Anund Herbrandssen S�n 19 Ugift Dag arbeydere M
 311201 Gullich Herbrandssen S�n 21 Ugift Dag arbeydere M
 311202 Anne Herbrandsdtr Datter 29 Ugift K
 311203 J�ran Herbrandsdtr Datter 26 Ugift K
 311204 Mari Herbrandsdtr Datter 16 Ugift K
  Jarlsberg Amt is the present Vestfold County, and Sande parish is the very
 north parish in the County, borders to Buskerud County
  GDS-Buskerud: D�ypte i Hurum 1827-1846
 Prot. ref. Page Serial no. Baptised Year Local parish/Church Ekte/Uekte Introduction Remarks
 392 10 44 47 11.7.1830 1830 Hurum E Pr�stegaarden.Huusmand K: Stadf�stet i Hurum Kirke. Hjd H Tvill Johan
 Role Pos./Marital st. Given name Last name Residence Sex Date of birth Year of birth
 3420 Barn Berthe K 9.6 1830
 3421 Far Arbeidsmand og Inderst Johan Nicolaussen P�len
 3422 Mor Kone Barbro Gulliksdatter P�len
 3423 Fadder Tjenstedr�ng David Johnsen Pr�stegaarden M
 3424 Fadder Huusmand Anders Olsen Pr�stegaarden M
 3425 Fadder Tjenestedr�ng Henrich Andersen Pr�stegaarden
 3426 Fadder Husmandskone J�ran Herbrandsdatter Nordbye K
 3427 Fadder Tjstepige Anne Margarethe Andersdatter Pr�stegaarden K
 3428 Heimed�ypar Privatl�rer Jacob Ryg M
 Male Event(s):
 14 JUL 1782 Lier, Buskerud, Norway
 Father: HERBRAND KITTILSEN Family Mother: GIERTRUD TORGERSDR _________________________
  This must be a different person - too young
 Groom's name: Ole Petersen
 Groom's birthdate: 1816
 Groom's birthplace:
 Groom's age in years: 37
 Bride's name: Joran Herbransdr
 Bride's birthdate: 1823
 Bride's birthplace:
 Bride's age in years: 30
 Marriage date: 16 Dec 1853
 Residence: Buskerud, Norway
 Marriage place: Eiker, Buskerud, Norway
 Father of groom's name: Peter Helgesen
 Mother of groom's name:
 Father of bride's name: Herbran Kittilsen
 Mother of bride's name:
 Groom's race or color (expanded):
 Marital status:
 Groom's previous wife's name:
 Bride's race or color (expanded):
 Bride's marital status:
 Bride's previous husband's name:
 Batch number: M42868-3
 Date range:
 Film number: 124106
 Collection: Norway Marriages 1700-1900
 Name: Joran Herbrandsdatter
 Gender: Female
 Baptism/Christening Date: 26 Jun 1774
 Baptism/Christening Place: ROLLAG, BUSKERUD, NORWAY
 Father's Name: Herbrand Hansen
 ndexing Project (Batch) Number: C42847-1
 System Origin: Norway-VR
 Source Film Number: 124116
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