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1. Title:   Digitalarkivet
Page:   Hurum historielag: Gravlagde i Hurum prestegjeld 1827-1846
Author:   Norwegian National Archives

a. Note:   D�ypte i Hurum 1827-1846
 Prot. ref. Page Serial no. Year Local parish/Church Ekte/Uekte Remarks
 1383 10 138 40 1839 Hurum E K: Hurum. K: D�d forinden Daabens Stadf�stelse. Hjd H 5.7.1838 Tvill Knud
 Role Pos./Marital st. Given name Last name Residence Sex Date of birth Year of birth
 11924 Barn Christian M 22.6 1838
 11925 Far Inderst Knud Jensen Grinen
 11926 Mor Hustr Oline Jacobsdatter Grinen
 11927 Heimed�ypar Olaus Stok M I
 t says he died before his home baptism was verified in church. His
 twin brother was named Knud. The date of the home baptism was 5 July 1838. stadfeste If this occur in connection with a baptism, it tells that the child has first been
 baptized at home. We can say it is verifying a bapt/Chr, done outside church (at home/hospital etc).
 This was most probably because the child was very ill and in danger of dying, and a month
 later the child baptism was confirmed by the minister in church in a special ceremony.
 This still happens sometimes, you know. Sometimes new-born babies are baptized in hospital, too, if there are
 complications. Source information: Buskerud county, Hurum, Parish register (official) nr. 10 (1827-1846), Birth and baptism records 1839, page 138.
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 I don't see anything about a twin in the scanned record.
  Hurum historielag: Gravlagde i Hurum prestegjeld 1827-1846
 Prot. ref. Page Serial no. Year Buried Local parish/Church Remarks
 817 Hurum MINI 10 455 46 1839 2804 1839 Hurum Opph.stad: Hoffeie
 Role Given name Last name Sex Age Date of death Year of death Cause
 882 Avd�d Christian Knudsen M 3/4 Aar 2104 1839 Kopper is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.