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a. Note:   Prot. ref. Page Serial no. Baptised Year Local parish/Church Ekte/Uekte Remarks
 889 10 97 19 28.1.1835 1835 Hurum E Hjd H Tvill Martin
 Role Pos./Marital st. Given name Last name Residence Sex Date of birth Year of birth
 7688 Barn Jens Edvard M 28.1 1835
 7689 Far Huusm Martin Jensen Haga??
 7690 Mor Kone Boel Dorthea Eriksd. Haga??
 7691 Fadder G. Aslesd. K
 7692 Fadder Karen Andersd. K
 7693 Fadder G. A. R�dbye K
 7694 Fadder I. Jensen M
 7695 Fadder D. Johannesen M
 7696 Heimed�ypar D. Johannesen M
  Name: Jens Edvard Mortensen
 Gender: Male
 Christening date: 28 Jan 1835
 Christening place: , HURUM, BUSKERUD, NORWAY
 Residence: Hurum, Buskerud, Norway
 Birthdate: 28 Jan 1835
 Death date:
 Name note:
 Race or color (expanded):
 Father's name: Martin Jensen
 Father's birthplace:
 Age of father:
 Mother's name: Boel Dorthea Eriksdr
 Mother's birthplace:
 Mother's age:
 Paternal grandfather's name:
 Paternal grandmother's name:
 Maternal grandfather's name:
 Maternal grandmother's name:
 Batch number: C42860-2
 Date range:
 Record group: Norway-EASy
 Film number: 123953
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