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1. Title:   Digitalarkivet
Page:   Source information: Oslo county, Gr�nland, Parish register (official) nr. 3 (1862-1868), Marriage records 1868, page 323. Permanent pagelink:
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Author:   Norwegian National Archives

a. Note:   Emigranter fra Oslo 1867-1930
 Harbour No. Year Month Day Given name Last name Sex Position Occupation Year of birth Age Residence Destination Remarks Foreigner Freight Line
 23007 Oslo 314A 1871 April 28 Gustav Almquist m G Snedker 39 Killa Chicago 290 Svensk Spd. 40 Nymphen
 23008 Oslo 314B 1871 April 28 Helene Larensdatter f G Kone 31 Killa Chicago 291 Svensk Spd. 40 Nymphen
 23009 Oslo 314C 1871 April 28 Axel m u 2 1/2�R Killa Chicago 292 Svensk Spd. 40 Nymphen
  sn�dker (see "snekker")
 snekker (funiture-) cabinetmaker, (timber-)carpenter, (house-) joiner
 In 1871 the bark Nymphen departed from Christiania Apr. 27th (might have waited for favorable wind for some days), and arrived at Quebec June 29th. She was sailing in ballast, and was carrying 303 steerage passengers. There were seven deaths on the voyage and 3 were sick with scarlet fever as the ship arrived at the Quarantine station on Grosse �le June 25th. The ship was detained in quarantine, and was discharged on June 28th. Dead: Peter (5) and Martin (1) sons of Gina R�berg (27); Iver Johannesen (1) traveling with Ole Olsen (34), Karen Iversen (32) and Randine Iversen (22) and Karen Olsen (3); Peder (1) sone of Peder Pedersen (29) and his wife Eli (28); Gustav (1) son of Hans I. Amundsen (31) and his wife Karen Olsdatter (25); 9 month old Bergind, daughter of Knud Eriksen (36) and his wife Guro (28); 3 month old Mari, daughter of Gulbrand Ingebritsen (29) and his wife Caroline (25). The Nymphen was mastered by Capt. Bj�rnstad, and had a crew of 15. The passenger list was archived by the National Archives of Canada [NAC].
 passenger arrival list at Quebec (image 10)
 75. G. Almqvist, 39 Male
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