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1. Title:   Digitalarkivet
Page:   Source information: Buskerud county, Hurum, Parish register (official) nr. 10 (1827-1846), Birth and baptism records 1840, page 150. Permanent pagelink:
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Author:   Norwegian National Archives

a. Note:   record title:Norway Baptisms, 1634-1927
 name:Olava Olsen
 baptism/christening date:15 Nov 1840
 baptism/christening place:, HURUM, BUSKERUD, NORWAY
 birth date:15 Oct 1840
 father's name:Olaus Pedersen
 mother's name:Maren Karine Andersdr
 indexing project (batch) number:C42860-2
 system origin:Norway-EASy
 source film number:123953
  Source information: Vestfold county, Str�mm, Parish register (official) nr. 1 (1861-1869), Marriage records 1864, page 156.
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 17 Decbr 15, Ungekarl, Styrmand Carl Christian Christiansen Moller, Hurum, Svelvig, 25 1/2, father Christian Miller
 og Pige Olava Olausdtr, Svelvig, 24, father Olaus Pedersen
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