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1. Title:   Digitalarkivet
Page:   GDS-Buskerud: D�ypte i Hurum 1847-1860
Author:   Norwegian National Archives

a. Note:   GDS-Buskerud: D�ypte i Hurum 1847-1860
 Prot. ref. Page Serial no. Baptised Year Local parish/Church Ekte/Uekte
 751 11 54 149 26.12.1851 1851 Hurum E
 Role Pos./Marital st. Given name Last name Residence Sex Date of birth Year of birth
 6281 Barn Annette Martine K 15.9 1851
 6282 Far Leil�nding Jacob Nilsen Kjos
 6283 Mor Hust. Mari Christensdatter Kjos
 6284 Fadder Faderen M
 6285 Fadder Olaus Pedersen M
 6286 Fadder Even Gulliksen M
 6287 Fadder Moderen K
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