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1. Title:   Digitalarkivet
Page:   Source information: Buskerud county, R�yken, Parish register (official) nr. 5 (1833-1856), Birth and baptism records 1851, page 89. Permanent pagelink:
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Author:   Norwegian National Archives

a. Note:   Census year: 1865
 Municipality: Drammen
 Municipality number: 0602
 Street name:
 Street number: 201b
 City district: Bragernes
 House owner:
 Number of flats: 3
 Number of persons in this domicile: 19
 Underskrift: Braathen
 Name Family status Marital status Occupation Birth year Place of birth Ethnicity
  Erik Jensen Husfader g Sm�rhandler 1833 Egers Prgj.
 Maren Gurine Marthinsen Kone g 1833 Hurum
 S�rine Marthinsen ug Tjenestepige 1846 R�gen
 Christian Marthinsen ug Handelsbetjendt 1851 R�gen
 Oskar Hansen ug Handelsbetjendt 1841 Porsgrund
 Anton Svendsen ug Handelsbetjendt 1847 Drammen
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