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Page:   Source information: Hedmark county, Vinger, Parish register (official) nr. 3 (1751-1772), Death and burial records 1763, page 144. Permanent pagelink:
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Author:   Norwegian National Archives

a. Note:   Name: Gunner Hansdatter
 Gender: Female
 Christening date: 11 Feb 1725
 Christening place: Vinger, Hedmark, Norway
 Residence: Vinger, Hedmark, Norway
 Birth date:
 Death date:
 Name note:
 Race or color (expanded):
 Father's name: Hans Hanss�n
 Father's birthplace:
 Father's age:
 Mother's name: R�nnow Olsdatter Giermshuus
 Mother's birthplace:
 Mother's age:
 Paternal grandfather's name:
 Paternal grandmother's name:
 Maternal grandfather's name:
 Maternal grandmother's name:
 Batch number: C04255-0
 Date range:
 Record group: Norway-EASy
 Film number: 124480
 Collection: Norway Baptisms 1700-1900
  Name: Gunner Hansen Gjermshuus
 Gender: Male
 Burial date: 27 Feb 1763
 Burial place: Vinger, Hedmark, Norway
 Death date:
 Death place: Vinger, Hedmark, Norway
 Age at death: 37y
 Birth date: 1726
 Race or color (expanded):
 Marital status:
 Spouse's name:
 Father's name:
 Father's birthplace:
 Mother's name:
 Mother's birthplace:
 Batch number: B03663-5
 Date range:
 Record group: Norway-EASy
 Film number: 124480
 Collection: Norway Burials 1700-1900
  Groom's name: Gunder Hanson Giermshuus
 Groom's birth date:
 Groom's birthplace:
 Groom's age in years:
 Bride's name: Inger Haralsdaatter
 Bride's birth date:
 Bride's birthplace:
 Bride's age in years:
 Marriage date: 08 Sep 1750
 Residence: Vinger, Hedmark, Norway
 Marriage place: Vinger, Hedmark, Norway
 Groom's father's name:
 Groom's mother's name:
 Father of bride's name:
 Mother of bride's name:
 Groom's race or color (expanded):
 Marital status:
 Groom's previous wife's name:
 Bride's race or color (expanded):
 Bride's marital status:
 Bride's previous husband's name:
 Batch number: M01660-5
 Date range:
 Film number: 124480
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