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Marriage: Children:
  1. Abraham Crites: Birth: 6 AUG 1826 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Death: 20 MAR 1880 in Erath County, Texas (see notes)

a. Note:   In a legal document dated May 1855: Elizabeth Step Crites she used her mark as signature. This was an affidavit stating that she was the widow of Daniel Crites, deceased, and was applying for bounty land. Her maiden name Step is used in the body of the document. Also the marriage date for her and Daniel.
  On the Bounty Land affidavit Elizabeth filed is noted to be 56.
  Cape Girardeau Co, Mo. Estate Records Box 63, Bundle 1218: Daniel Crites d. 1843: Elizabeth Crites widow and Exr., daughter Nancy C. Allen.
  A death certificate on Elizabeth and Daniel's daughter Elvira Beatty shows mother as Elizabeth Stepp. Some think Daniel was married to an Elizabeth Allen, but I have not been able to uncover a connection. It is true that Columbus' middle name was Allen, but it is believed by other researchers that he was named after Nancy's husband, Thomas Allen, who apparently was highly regarded in the family. My grandfather was named Thomas Allen Crites.
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  On the surname report for the Stepp Indian I ahve several listed, and are as follows:
 1838 Det: 12 Drane..Sally Step
 1851 Dren SB79.2 Step
 1851 Dren SB79.3 Arley Step
 1869 CNW SE 172 Betsey Step W M=1 F=2
 1880 CNW flll07 Chas Step 1859 N Cher Dawes Card#778
 1880 CNW se1082 Betsy Step 1825 N Cher Dawes Card Dead
 1890 CNW SA297 Eary Step 1868 Ncher Farmer
 1902 Dawes c4865 r11625 Laura A Stepp 1874 Blood 1-32,index page 309
 1902 Dawes c 4865 r11626 George C Stepp 1892 blood 1-64 page 309
 1902 Dawes c4865 r11627 Earnest L Stepp 1896 blood 1-64,page 309
 1902 Dawes c4865 r11628 Leonard Stepp 1898 Blood 1-64,
 1902 Dawes c4865 r11629 Charles B Stepp 1900 blood 1-64
 1902 Dawes c778 r29627 Charles Step 1854 Blood Full,index page 418
 1902 Dawes C778 r 29628 Polly Step 1855 Full Blood index page 418
 1902 Dawes c778 r29629 Lizzie Step 1884 full blood index 418
 1902 Dawes c778 r29630 Annie Step 1886 full blood index 418
 1902 Dawes c778 r29631 Chulio Step 1888 blood full index 418
 1902 Dawes c778 r29632 Jennie Step 1891 blood full index 418
 1902 Dawes c778 r29633 Ellis step 1893.blood full, index 418
 1906 Miller Charley Stepp 1855 CNWap#15623 25589 Admitted Halfbrother of #1914 Mother of applicant not living in 1851.
 Evansville,AR 15623 1906 Miller Hattie Eliza Stepp nee Cole 1882 TX ap 21282 (regected)
 Alvord,TX 21282 1906 Miller Laura A Stepp nee Cook 1874 CNW app#
 24065-25594 Claremore, OK 1906 Miller, Margret Stepp nee Perry 1874 NC app 44701 Greenbrier, MO
  The above information has been collected by me. I am the gggranddaughter of James W Stepp,Jr., (1837)Bollinger Co., Mo. I was told by my grandmother that her father was Cherokee and that her aunts and uncles had go to Oklahoma to register for the Dawes Roll. As of this date, I am unable to locate anyone who is related to James W. Stepp. If you happen to connect please let me know. My regards and happy hunting, Barbara Taylor-Henderson is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.