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Marriage: Children:
  1. Emilie Abram: Birth: Abt Jan 1892.

  2. Eduard Emil Abram: Birth: 4 Jun 1893 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio.

  3. Fred William Abram: Birth: 27 Aug 1896 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio. Death: Nov 1974 in Portage, Ohio

  4. Ella Helene Abram: Birth: 23 Oct 1898 in Cuyahoga, Ohio.

  5. Albert E. Abram: Birth: 30 Nov 1901 in Cuyahoga, Ohio. Death: Nov 1972

  6. Adolph Abram: Birth: 16 Aug 1903 in Cuyahoga, Ohio. Death: 31 May 1949 in Mantua Twp, Portage, Ohio

  7. Herman Abram: Birth: 15 May 1906 in Cuyahoga, Ohio. Death: 6 Dec 1964 in Portage, Ohio

  8. Lydia Hedwig Abram: Birth: 21 Feb 1908 in Cuyahoga, Ohio. Death: 12 Apr 1999 in Portage, Ohio

  9. Oscar Abram: Birth: 16 Feb 1910 in South Newburgh, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States. Death: 23 Feb 1910 in South Newburgh, Cuyahoga, Ohio, United States

a. Note:   : 99
 County: Portage Image: 142 Township: Mantua
 1920 Census:
 Loudwick, Head, Owned Home,57, Immegrated 1893, Patitioned, Born Poland/Russian, Parents spoke German, Farmer
 Cathrine WIfe, 47, Immegrated, 1893, Alien, Born Russia/Poland
 Fred W. Son, 23, Born Ohio, Farmer, Soldier
 Ella??, Daughter, 21, Born Ohio
 Albert Son, 18, Born Ohio, Farmer
 Adolf, Son,16, Born Ohio
 Herman, Son,13, Born, Ohio
 Lydia, Daughter,11, Born Ohio
Note:   Roll: T625_1428 Race: White Page: 1B State: Ohio ED
b. Note:   95
 Abram, Luis Age: 68 Year: 1930
 Birthplace: Deutschland Race: White State: Ohio County: Portage Township: Mantua
 Relationship: Head Owned Home value $7,000 To America in 1893, Spoke German, Parents German Farmer
 Kathrine, Wife, Age 57, German Spoke German, Parents German
 Fred W. Son, Age 33 Farmer
 Adolph Son Age 26 Laborer , Truck factory
 Herman Son Age 24, Carpenter
 Lydia H. Daughter Age 22, Clerk, Grocery
Note:   1930 Census: Roll: T626_1862 Page: 5A ED: 18 Image: 00
c. Note:   Name: �tab�Louis Abram Birthplace: �tab�Germany
 Relationship to Head of Household: �tab�Self
 Residence: �tab�South Newburg, Cuyahoga, Ohio
 Marital Status: �tab�Married
 Race : �tab�White
 Gender: �tab�Male
 Immigration Year: �tab�1893
 Father's Birthplace: �tab�Germany
 Mother's Birthplace: �tab�Germany
 Family Number: �tab�40
 Page Number: �tab�2
 �tab�Household�tab�Gender�tab�Age �tab�Louis Abram �tab�M �tab�48y Spouse �tab�Katie Abram �tab�F �tab�37y
 Child �tab�Ida Abram �tab�F �tab�15y
 Child �tab�Fred Abram �tab�M �tab�13y
 Child �tab�Ella Abram �tab�F �tab�11y
 Child �tab�Albert Abram �tab�M �tab�8y
 Child �tab�Adolp Abram �tab�M �tab�6y
 Child �tab�Herman Abram �tab�M �tab�4y
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