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Marriage: Children:
  1. Mary Narcissa Frances Heflin: Birth: 1846 in ,Mississippi. Death: Abt 1906 in Houston,Harris,Texas

  2. James Henry Heflin: Birth: 7 May 1848 in ,Mississippi. Death: 28 Sep 1897 in ,Oktibbeha,Mississippi

  3. Sarah Jane Heflin: Birth: 15 May 1852 in ,Mississippi. Death: 7 Apr 1937 in ,Mississippi

  4. Charles J. Heflin: Birth: 12 Nov 1854 in ,Mississippi. Death: 12 Sep 1936 in Bradley,Oktibbeha,Mississippi

  5. Harriet A. Heflin: Birth: 1858 in ,Mississippi.

  6. Stephen Finis Heflin: Birth: Mar 1859 in ,Mississippi.

  7. William Luther Heflin: Birth: 1862 in ,Mississippi. Death: 6 May 1939

  8. Albert Donithan Heflin: Birth: 23 Apr 1867 in ,Mississippi. Death: 21 Feb 1946

  9. Emmet J. McDonald Heflin: Birth: 4 Sep 1873 in ,Simpson,Mississippi.

a. Note:   Descendants of dtr. Mary cite Martha as being a McDonald. According t
Note:   o the
 records of Nancy Heflin Crumpton of Starkville MS, (another descendant), she
 is a Donathan. Mary's descendants cite a family Bible as their source.
 Therefore I have continued using "McDonald" until further evidence is in.
 Martha is living with son Emmet J. M. Heflin in 1900 in Okt. Co. ED 86, SH.18, line 80-85. birthplace listed as TN and her parents as SC is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.