Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Emily V. Heflin was born Abt 1856 in ,Mississippi. She was the daughter of John L. Heflin and Lucinda Donithan.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

John L. Heflin was born 1814/1818 in ,North Carolina, and died 1890 in ,Oktibbeha,Mississippi. He was the son of James Heflin and Sarah Granderson.

Lucinda Donithan died Abt 1858/1860 in ,Mississippi.

Children of Lucinda /Donithan/ and John L. /Heflin/ are:
  1. Margret Sarah "Mary" Heflin was born 1850 in ,Mississippi.

  2. Thomas Heflin was born Abt 1854 in ,Mississippi.

  3. Emily V. Heflin was born Abt 1856 in ,Mississippi.

  4. George Ann Heflin was born Abt 1858 in ,Mississippi, and died 1900. She married John Thomas Caldwell on 8 Sep 1878 in ,Oktibbeha,Mississippi. He was born 19 Dec 1856 in ,Greene,Alabama, and died 2 May 1928. He was buried in AmasaClarkFamCem,Bandera,Texas.

  5. James H. Heflin was born in ,Mississippi, and died Abt 1890. He married Mary Elizabeth "Betty" Blanton on 1 Jun 1877 in ,Oktibbeha,Mississippi. She was born Jan 1860 in ,Mississippi.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

James Heflin was born Abt 1782 in Efland,Granville,North Carolina, and died Abt 1860 in ,Mississippi.

Sarah Granderson was born 1790 in ,South Carolina, and died Bef 1860 in ,Mississippi.

Children of Sarah /Granderson/ and James /Heflin/ are:
  1. Emly C. Heflin was born 11 Feb 1813 in ,Tennessee, and died 1 Feb 1902 in ,Oktibbeha,Mississippi. She married William McDonald on Aft 1827. He was born in ,South Carolina, and died Abt 1 Oct 1875 in Courtland,Lawrence,Alabama.

  2. John L. Heflin was born 1814/1818 in ,North Carolina, and died 1890 in ,Oktibbeha,Mississippi. He married Lucinda Donithan. She died Abt 1858/1860 in ,Mississippi.

  3. Albert G.(Gay?) Heflin was born 22 Dec 1819 in ,Tennessee, and died 28 May 1882 in Longview,Oktibbeha,Mississippi. He married Martha A. Donathan on Abt 1844/1845. She was born 14 Feb 1827 in ,Tennessee, and died 4 Sep 1903 in Longview,Oktibbeha,Mississippi. She was buried in Lost Church Cem,Longview,Oktibbeha,Mississippi.

  4. George W. Heflin was born 1824 in ,Tennessee. He married Rachel I. Pool on 12 Dec 1867 in ,Oktibbeha,Mississippi. She died Bef 1870 in ,Mississippi.

  5. Elizabeth Ann Heflin was born Abt 1825. She married William P. Hammonds on 28 Mar 1850 in ,Lawrence,Alabama. He was born Abt 1827 in ,Tennessee.

  6. Granderson Heflin was born Abt 1828 in ,Tennessee, and died 26 Sep 1858 in Oakville,Lawrence,Alabama. He married Lavina Heflin on 18 Jul 1850 in ,Lawrence,Alabama. She was born Abt 1833/1835 in ,Alabama.

  7. Samantha Heflin was born Abt 1829 in ,Tennessee. She married Brisby Anderson on Abt 1849 in ,Mississippi. He was born Abt 1827 in ,Alabama.

  8. Henry Heflin was born 1832 in ,Alabama.

  9. Harriet Heflin was born 1834 in ,Alabama. She married Jack Philyaw on Abt 1858. He was born Abt 1836.

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