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Marriage: Children:
  1. Otho Henry Heflin: Birth: 11 Nov 1900 in Ackerman,Choctaw,Mississippi. Death: 19 Oct 1945 in Dallas,Dallas,Texas

  2. Bessie Heflin: Birth: 1 Jun 1903 in Phillip,Mississippi. Death: Dec 1983 in Baton Rouge,E. Baton Rouge,Louisiana

  3. Nancy Chestine Heflin: Birth: 1 Jun 1903 in Phillip,Mississippi. Death: 8 Feb 1983 in Vicksburg,Warren,Mississippi

  4. Arthur Heflin: Birth: 19 Feb 1906 in ,Mississippi. Death: 1935 in Birmingham,Alabama

  5. Grover William Heflin: Birth: 21 Nov 1908 in Phillip,Mississippi. Death: Jul 1966 in ,Dallas,Texas

  6. Russell Heflin: Birth: 15 Feb 1916 in Agricola,George,Mississippi. Death: 16 Mar 1976 in ,Arkansas

  7. Vera Geraldine Heflin: Birth: 21 Feb 1918 in Floweree,Warren,Mississippi. Death: 27 Jan 1993 in Vicksburg,Warren,Mississippi

  8. Robert Bernard Heflin: Birth: 12 Feb 1920 in Floweree,Warren,Mississippi. Death: Jun 1983 in ,Arkansas

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  10. Heflin: Birth: 4 Apr 1925 in Vicksburg,Warren,Mississippi. Death: 4 Apr 1925 in Vicksburg,Warren,Mississippi

Marriage: Children:
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1. Title:   1920 Census Warren Co. Ms
Page:   60-86-12-53

a. Note:   Warren Co.Mississippi Deed Book #164,page 334. Family knowledge, Bible records copied from bible of son Robert Bernard Heflin, civil records, census
 records of Choctaw Co. MS 1900, 1920 Oktibbeha Co MS. I only have a faint
 memory of my grandfather Robert Henry Heflin. We visited him when I was about
 4/5 yrs. old. He had remarried and had a daughter by this 2nd wife. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.