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Marriage: Children:
  1. Vivian Josephine Heflin: Birth: 11 Sep 1923 in Vicksburg,Warren,Mississippi. Death: 24 Nov 1974 in Houston,Harris,Texas

  2. Otho Henry Heflin: Birth: 6 Jul 1925 in Vicksburg,Warren,Mississippi. Death: 1960 in ,California

  3. Eunice Elaine Heflin: Birth: 24 Sep 1927 in Vicksburg,Warren,Mississippi. Death: 30 Jun 1998 in Tulsa,Oklahoma

  4. Gatha Ladell Heflin: Birth: 26 Feb 1930 in Dallas,Dallas,Texas. Death: 29 Jul 1930 in Dallas,Dallas,Texas

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1. Title:   Birth Certificate
Page:   Cert. #13644 : #547462

a. Note:   VITAL RECORDS; birth certificate found in Dallas Co. Health Records. Apparently filed for during WW2. Unreadable Certificate No.,but is located in
 Vol 32 P. 595 Birth records of Dallas Co. TX. His father signed the probated death record.
  Death record is certificate #43066 Bur. of Vit. Stats.TX Dept of Health.
  Marriage record is #203 as recorded in Vol 13, P. 107 Bowie Co. Tx.Mgs.
  Certificate of Military Service (no number) states Otho Henry Heflin, 172 38
 29. a member of the U.S. Naval Reserve from July 2, 1918 to Sept. 30, 1921.
 Service terminated by Good Discharge Under Honorable Conditions Last Grade,
 Rank or Rating S2c Active Service Dates Jul. 2, 1918 to Jan 27, 1919.
  Otho was a very intelligent man. Although of limited education, he was
 proficient in many fields. His handwriting was poor, so he wrote in manuscript which was very beautiful and clear. Education for his children was very important to him, and most of us remember being taught to read from the
 newspaper. As a young man he served aboard the Saratoga and received an
 honorable discharge from the navy/Merchant Marine in WWI.
  While working for the railroad, he got a cinder in his left eye. The medication was not effective, and he became blind in that eye, giving him the appearance of one brown eye and one blue eye. He also lost part of his left foot in a fall from a train. He wore a special plate in his shoe and stuffed the toe with tissue so his limp was lessened. I remember he always told us children that "a steamboat ran over it" when we would ask about his foot.
  In later life he drove trucks. It is believed that his last job involved the hauling of powder and nitro. His downfall was drink, which led to his fatal heart attack in 1945. Although he and Josie were divorced, witnesses say his last words were calling her name. He did not remarry after the divorce. My memories of my father Otho, are all good ones. Being rocked and sang to when I was small, a special doll bed he made for me one Christmas, Being swung by the hands between Daddy and Mother when we were walking; a "Butcher Boy" suit and a lunch box filled with taffy one Christmas; being comforted when I cut my chin on a toy ring I had found in a "Guess What" candy; sitting on the front porch "reading" the newspaper with him. I don't remember the drinking. Perhaps I was too young for it to register with me. I am happy that my memories of my dad are all good ones. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.