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a. Note:   Benjamin Franklin Whitman My father,Benjamin Franklin Whitman quit school about the 5th grade to help make a living for his three brothers and five sisters.
 When he was sixteen, he ran off and joined the army. It was during the time of World War. He had a good friend in the service called Red Feather. While in combat in France he was gassed with mustard gas injuring his health for life.
 Benjamin Franklin Whitman and Nellie Ester Fields, 19 were married in 1928. They moved to Colorado. They lived in Colorado for 2 yrs. and moved to Missouri. Ben bought the farm west of his home place, a farm he always dreamed of owning. My uncle Tom said when he bought that farm, a ditch was so deep that horses could stand in it and not be seen. Dad worked hard filling that ditch over the years.
 Dad was a wonderful gardner & kept his fence built and mended. He had to rest each afternoon because of his health.
 Dad enjoyed fishing and arrow head hunting. He had a good collection of arrow heads. After every hard rain Dad enjoyed watching the creek go down. Then the next day, Dad and I would go arrow head hunting. I would look and look but his sharp eyes would find them first.
 Dad was a goog friend and neighbor. Although Dad was much older, Woodrow Scroggins was one of Dads best friends. Woodrow's daughter Beverly, has been my life long friend. I am eight months older than Bev.
 An experiense in particular I remember Dad talking about was one day he was cleaning the spring out west of the house so it would run clean for cattle. A very handsome young man stopped and talked to him for almost an hour. A few days later that young man's picture came out in the paper. It was "Pretty Boy Floyd", an outlaw. Dad thought he seemed so nice. "Pretty Boy Floyd" an outlaw took the Bolivar Sheriff Jack Killingworth hostage, but released him later. Floyd told Jack he didn't have a Dad or anyone that cared for him. That same day Jack was taken hostage Dad's future son-in-law was born June 16,1933, Jim Marvin Tindle. It was an exiting day in Bolivar Missouri that day.
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