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 Selena Pearl Whitman By Carrie Whitman Lake
 Selena Pearl Whitman was born January 17, 1910 on a farm southeast of Bolivar, Missouri. Pearl later changed her name to D'Lena Pearl Whitman. Her hair was light brown, long, and beautiful when she was small. Annie was so proud of Pearl's hair. Pearl was a skinny-frail child. Pearl was a coliky baby. All the brothers and sisters loved Pearl, especially Ben. Ben called Pearl his "Dutch". Pearl was so good to wait on Ben when he broke his leg.
 Pearl loved school. She attended Wilson School until she graduated from the 8th grade. She graduated from Pleasant Hope High School in 1930. Pearl and Nannie went to high school the same time. Nannie had been out of the 8th grade for awhile, then went back. Dave took Nannie and Pearl to Pleasant Hope in a car. They stayed by the week in a rented room. They took food they ate. Summers they stayed on the farm and helped Annie. Both sisters went to collage--Nannie went to the collage in Bolivar, Missouri and Pearl went to Mount Vernon for nurses training. Pearl wanted Nannie to be a nurse too, but Nannie chose the teaching profession. Annie and Otis never expected too much work out of Pearl, but she was particular about the house.
 Pearl was tall, thin, dark hair, blue eyes and so neat. Pearl loved to crochet, make quilts and embroider. She made jelly and loved salades and avacadoes. Pearl was very smart and an excellent nurse. She nursed for awile in Junction City, Kansas, then moved to Los Angeles, California where she was a nurse in St. Vincents and Good Samaritan Hospitals until her health failed. She returned to Bolivar, Missouri then stayed with Tom and Nannie until her death.
 I asked for Nannie to go with me to Oklahoma and live with me. My parents said no but that I could take Pearl. Pearl got on the train with me and lived with me for awhile. She attended school in Oklahoma. Pearl liked living with me and hated to go back home. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.