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a. Note:   BILL WHITMAN Born William Whitman March 6,1906, at Brighton,Missouri, Polk County in the Ozark's, William grew up there going to Gumbo School. He went though the eighth grade walking the mile and half. He loved and talked of his dog, Sport; later years he had a horse named Dan.
 His father was sick all of William's life. Besides being sick, his father was blind. Also his grandfather, great-grandmother and older sister were blind, this being inherited. At the age nine, he took over the farming using a walking plow pulled by two horses and helping his mother make a living for the family. Milking cows, chopping firewood, picking berries and selling them at the store three miles away for ten cents a gallon. On days he could work for someone he made fifty cents a week, using this to help buy grocieres such as sugar, flour, ect. William was the only boy, having two older sisters.
 At the age of twenty-two, he left home, and ended up in Colorado. (After living Missouri he was called Bill) This was how he was known by the people in Baca County. Bill married Ruby Lynch. There were six daughters born to them at Pritchett. They were good and loving parents.
 Dad worked long, hard hours tring to make a living. He always said he was worth six million dollars one million for each daughter. This always embarrassed the daughters. Daddy never had life easy; he never complianed. He help build the Pritchett School in the W.P.A. days. The W.P.A. gave some food away. Daddy never excepted any. He felt like we should have to pay for what we had. How we girls would have liked some of those oranges!
 One of Dad's favorite jobs was working for the school just before he died in 1976. He loved all those children and they loved him in return. They honored Daddy one year at the alumni reunion and after his death, they dedicated a page in the annual to him. The grandchildren's favorite times where when he would take them fishing and stay for supper and he would cook potatoes ect. for them. They loved this. Dad taught us to be honest and if "We could'nt say anything good about someone, don't say anything at all". Also to be hard workers. "Nothing is ever given to you with out hard work."
 Daddy was a goog honest christian man and we were fortunate to have our Mom and Dad. We fill fortunate for our step father Johnnie Chilton. He was dads cousin. Dad and Johnnie are alot alike.
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