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James Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1713.
James Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1754.
James Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1788 in Walker's Creek (Wythe) VA. Death: ABT. 1825 in (Wythe) VA
Jasper Robinett: Birth: 29 Nov 1790.
Jeremiah Robinett: Birth: 1788.
Jeremiah Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1750.
John Randle Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1802.
John Robinett: Birth: 3 Apr 1829 in (Allegany) MD. Death: 1904 in (Whitley) IN
John Robinett: Birth: 10 Jul 1755 in Antietam MD.
Joseph Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1713.
Joseph Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1751.
Joshua Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1810.
Margaret Robinett: Birth: 1697.
Mary Robinett: Birth: 1840.
Mary Robinett: Birth: 1702.
Mary Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1799.
Matthias Robinett: Birth: 1813.
Michael Robinett: Birth: 1765 in ( Bland) VA. Death: in (Scott) VA
Michael Robinett: Birth: 1792.
Morgan Robinett: Birth: 1842.
Nancy Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1788.
Nancy Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1815.
Nathan Robinett: Birth: 17 Aug 1814 in (Allegany) MD. Death: 24 Dec 1873
Nathan Robinett: Birth: 7 Jan 1763 in (Frederick) MD. Death: 26 Apr 1835 in Hooks Corner, Flintstone District (Allegany) MD
Nathan Robinett: Birth: 1718 in PA ?.
Priscilla Robinett: Birth: 4 May 1740. Death: 12 Nov 1817
Randolph Robinett: Birth: 1827.
Rebecca Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1745. Death: BEF. 1830
Rhoda Mandy Robinett: Birth: 1825.
Sampson Robinett: Birth: 1795.
Samuel Robinett: Birth: 11 May 1669 in Bunbury, Cheshire, England. Death: ABT. 23 May 1745 in East Nottingham Twp. ( Chester) PA
Samuel Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1705.
Samuel Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1741 in probably (Lancaster...later York) PA. Death: 1770 in Eastern TN
Samuel Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1797.
Sarah Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1675.
Son Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1825.
Stephen Robinett: Birth: Apr 1700.
Susanna Robinett: Birth: ABT. 1660.
Upton Robinett: Birth: 1794.
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Elias Robinette: Birth: 1830.
Ford Morris Robinette: Birth: 7 Oct 1907 in Jefferson Twp. (Whitley Co) IN. Death: 26 May 1992 in Tucson ( ) AZ
Gertrude Iva Robinette: Birth: 4 May 1901 in Jefferson Twp, Whitley Co., IN. Death: 22 Jun 1984 in Columbia City (Whitley) IN
Gusta Agnes Robinette: Birth: 3 Jun 1905 in Whitley Co., IN. Death: 20 Jul 1996 in Warren Co., IN
Harmon L. Robinette: Birth: 1876 in (Whitley) IN. Death: in IN
Harvey Maurice Robinette: Birth: 26 Sep 1874 in Whitley Co., IN. Death: 15 Jun 1956 in Columbia City (Whitley) IN
Imogene Roushine Robinette: Birth: 17 Dec 1899 in Allen Co., IN. Death: 10 Jan 1984 in Columbia City (Whitley) IN
Ivy Lucy Robinette: Birth: 1878 in (Whitley) IN. Death: in Roanoke ( )IN
James Henry Robinette: Birth: ABT. 1808 in (Wythe) VA.
Joseph Ward Robinette: Birth: 24 Oct 1912 in Whitley Co., IN. Death: 20 Mar 1998 in Warsaw, IN
Louisa J. Robinette: Birth: 1842 in Russell Co., VA.
Martha E. Robinette: Birth: 1839 in Russell Co., VA.
Pearl Robinette: Birth: 10 Jan 1881. Death: Jun 1970
Roscoe Allen Robinette: Birth: 6 Oct 1903 in Whitley Co., IN. Death: 9 Oct 1904 in Whitley Co., IN
Rufus Robinette: Birth: 6 Jul 1827.
Sarah Robinette: Birth: 1834 in Tazewell Co., VA.
Susan J. Robinette: Birth: 1836 in Tazewell Co., VA.
William Henry Robinette: Birth: 1826. Death: 1899
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Linda Robinson: Birth: 17 Aug 1879 in (Madison) NC. Death: 27 Dec 1979 in Etowah (McMinn) TN
John Jeremiah Rogers: Birth: 1 Jun 1809.
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