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Leonard Lawrence Morrow: Birth: 9 Jan 1913 in Etowah (McMinn) TN. Death: ABT. 1980
Lettie Victoria Morrow: Birth: 1 Mar 1908 in Marshall, Madison Co., NC. Death: 7 Apr 1987
Lois J. Morrow: Birth: 21 Mar 1903 in Madison Co., NC. Death: 16 Mar 1961
Lona Rachel Morrow: Birth: 4 Feb 1931 in Copperhill (Polk) TN. Death: 19 May 1967 in @@ home in Etowah (McMinn) TN
Lula Morrow: Birth: ABT. 14 Aug 1881. Death: in Ashville, , NC
Manley Morrow: Birth: 17 Aug 1880 in NC. Death: 8 Apr 1953 in Blue Ridge GA
Mary Lee Morrow: Birth: ABT. 1931. Death: 14 Feb 1997 in (McMinn) TN
Millard Morrow: Birth: 16 Jul 1884 in NC. Death: 7 Apr 1958 in McMinn Co., TN
Millard Morrow: Birth: 6 Feb 1909. Death: 13 Sep 1995
Nannie Missouri Morrow: Birth: 25 Aug 1895. Death: 21 Mar 1952
Norman Laymon Morrow: Birth: 2 Apr 1922. Death: Aug 1985 in Signal Mountain (Hamilton) TN
Norman Laymon Morrow: Birth: 11 Oct 1897 in Spring Creek (Madison) NC. Death: 12 Aug 1949 in Chattanooga (Hamilton) TN
Onie Morrow: Birth: 6 Mar 1911 in Madison Co., NC. Death: 10 Dec 1970
Roy Lee Morrow: Birth: 6 Feb 1917 in Englewood, McMinn, TN. Death: 13 Feb 1938 in Athens (McMinn) TN
Sallie Morrow: Birth: ABT. 27 Apr 1871. Death: BEF. 26 Jul 1960
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? Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1786.
Allen Herdman Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1780 in Ireland. Death: ABT. 1783 in as they landed in America
Amelia Mossman: Birth: 30 Sep 1817.
Ann Mossman: Birth: ABT. 6 May 1755 in possibly Killyleaugh (County Down) Ireland.
Anna M. Mossman: Birth: Sep 1853.
Beal A. Mossman: Birth: Jul 1833. Death: 1908
Beal W. Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1853.
Betsey Jett Mossman: Birth: Aug 1860. Death: 3 Mar 1871
Catherine Mossman: Birth: 21 Jan 1824.
Catherine Mossman: Birth: Mar 1851. Death: 25 Aug 1867
Charles Edward Mossman: Birth: 6 Jun 1856.
David Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1825.
Eleanor Mossman: Birth: 2 Jul 1814.
Eleanor Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1773 in Ireland. Death: 3 Apr 1813 in (Mercer) PA
Eleanor Mossman: Birth: ABT. 14 Dec 1752 in possibly Killyleaugh (County Down) Ireland. Death: ABT. 1834 in Baltimore, MD
Elizabeth Jett Mossman: Birth: 8 Aug 1840. Death: 30 Oct 1887 in Washington Twp. (Coshocton) OH
Elizabeth Mossman: Birth: 14 Jul 1802. Death: 20 May 1898 in Roscoe, OH
Elizabeth Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1777 in Ireland. Death: in Kinsman, OH
Emma Jenette Mossman: Birth: 15 Oct 1857. Death: ABT. 1877
Evalina A. Mossman: Birth: 24 Nov 1831.
Francis M. Mossman: Birth: 28 Aug 1810.
Francis Mossman: Birth: 1788-1800 in MD.
Francis Mossman: Birth: ABT. 2 Jan 1749/50 in possibly Killyleaugh (County Down) Ireland. Death: 1832-1833 in West Salem Twp., PA
Francis Mossman: Birth: Jun 1795 in (Fayette) PA.
George F. Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1851. Death: 1874
Howard Mossman: Birth: Jan 1855.
Hugh Mossman: Birth: Jun 1783 in at sea - probably enroute to America.
Ida Catherine Mossman: Birth: 30 Dec 1856.
James Albert Mossman: Birth: 10 Oct 1805 in probably (Fayette) PA. Death: 16 Nov 1860 in Dresden (Muskingum) OH
James Finley Mossman: Birth: 2 Jun 1859. Death: ABT. 1880
James G. Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1818.
James Mossman: Birth: ABT. 6 Oct 1747 in Killyleaugh County Down) Ireland. Death: 1801-1802 in Franklin Twp. (Fayette) PA
James Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1794 in (Fayette) PA. Death: 11 May 1816
Jane Mossman: Birth: AFT. 1790. Death: BEF. Mar 1832
Joanna M. Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1849.
John Francis Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1774 in Ireland.
John Stewart Mossman: Birth: 25 Oct 1802.
John Turner Mossman: Birth: 20 Jan 1844. Death: 15 Dec 1904
John Mossman: Birth: 24 May 1769 in possibly Killyleaugh (County Down) Ireland. Death: 24 Aug 1838 in (Coshocton) OH
John Mossman: Birth: ABT. 8 Aug 1718 in possibly Killyleaugh (County Down) Ireland. Death: Mar 1802 in Greensburg (West Moreland) PA
John Mossman: Birth: 1758-1759.
Joseph Lewis Mossman: Birth: 10 Oct 1807.
Joseph W. Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1846. Death: 1864 in Civil War
Joseph Young Mossman: Birth: 1780-1784 in Ireland.
Lillias Mossman: Birth: 1763. Death: 27 Oct 1845 in (Fayette) PA
Marian Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1842. Death: 1877
Marshall L. Mossman: Birth: 22 Oct 1827.
Martha Mossman: Birth: 1811.
Mary Ann Mossman: Birth: 28 Aug 1812.
Mary Lewis Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1847.
Mary Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1778.
Melvina Elizabeth Mossman: Birth: 20 Jun 1829 in Coshocton Co., OH. Death: 27 Jun 1864 in Jefferson Twp, Whitley Co., IN
Nancy Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1753. Death: ABT. 1848 in Greenville (Mercer) PA
Orpha Jane Mossman: Birth: 20 Aug 1819.
Rebecca H. Mossman: Birth: 22 Apr 1821.
Robert C. Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1784 in at sea.
Sarah B Mossman: Birth: 8 Jul 1808.
Sarah Mossman: Birth: 21 Jan 1805.
Sarah Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1790.
Sarah Mossman: Birth: BEF. 1815.
Silas Samuel Mossman: Birth: 1815.
Susan M. Mossman: Birth: 4 Mar 1839 in Virginia Twp. (Coshocton) OH.
Webster Mossman: Birth: ABT. 1854.
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