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Marriage: Children:
  1. William Harrison Cole: Birth: 15 JUL 1840 in Genesee County, New York. Death: 16 APR 1895 in Wisconsin

  2. George Spencer Cole: Birth: 17 NOV 1842 in Genesee County, N. Y. Death: 14 MAY 1916 in Cedar Vale, Kansas

  3. Sally Cole: Birth: 13 AUG 1845 in Genesee County, N. Y.. Death: 14 MAY 1913 in Spring Valley, Minnesota

  4. Person Not Viewable

a. Note:   Very little is known about William Cole, as he died at a relatively early age. We have learned that he came to Genesee County, New York around 1813, married Melissa Pepper in 1837, had 4 children, and died in 1845. The following are notes relative to this area of New York
  Notes from Mormon library (3/14/98)
  Our County and Its People (Genesee County, New York) Edited by Safford E. North (1899)
 The Boston History Company, Publishers
  Chapter XI
  At the close of the war of 1812 the county of Genesee was in a lamentable condition. Money was scarce, commerce and industry in its various branches either paralyzed or seriously crippled, and the settlement of the new districts almost at a standstill. Strangely enough, during the war many brave immigrants had taken up lands within the confines of the county, while, as soon as the war was ended, such settlement almost ceased. Batavia and LeRoy suffered less from the effects of the war than most other communities, yet even these centres of population were in a deplorable condition. A few persons from the East, possibly not realizing the situation, or not fearful of the probable hardships which they might be called upon to endure, had the hardihood to come west and locate in the county. In Batavia the following are recorded as settling during the few years succeeding the war:
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 In Darien these settlements are recorded:
 1813, Harvey Butler, Anson Ackley, Jonathan Hastings, Hiram Hedges, John A . Lathrop, Josiah Lee, William Vickery, Thomas Vickery, John McCollister, Thorp Wildman; 1814, Daniel Marsh, Horace Sloan, William B. Garfield, John Webb, Jonathan Vickery; 1815, Baxter Gilbert, Ezra Clark, A Hutchinson, Shadrach Harmon, Quartus Lee, D. J. Lee, Obadiah Jenks, Elijah Lamb, Joshua Peters, Jr., David Salisbury, Ephraim Sumner; 1816, David Anderson, Colonel Jessee Safford, Benajah Griswold, William Cole, Daniel C. Stoddard, John L. Hoyle, Julius Wildman, John Seaver; 1817, C. Dodge, John W. Brown, Elisha Hl., Lathrop, Davis Huntley, Hugh Wallis, Noah Winslow; 1818 Elijah Lee, Philo Farnham, Lemuel Stickney, Adna Tiffany, Silas Tiffany; 1819, James Booth, Justus Fales, L. H. Colby, Samuel Harroun, Oliver Harper, Zebulon Jones, Stephen King, Anson Lathrop, Caroline Lathrop, William Shumway, John W. Willett, Benjamin Sloan. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.