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Marriage: Children:
  1. Joseph Carl Baumgartner: Birth: 17 May 1911 in Tillamook, Oregon. Death: 8 Oct 1952 in Polk County, Oregon

  2. Adela Pia Baumgartner: Birth: 29 Jun 1912 in Tillamook, Oregon. Death: 20 Apr 1994 in Tillamook, Oregon

  3. Lena Cecelia Baumgartner: Birth: 28 Feb 1914 in Tillamook, Oregon. Death: 1 Jul 1997 in Tillamook, Oregon

  4. Walter Francis Baumgartner: Birth: 4 May 1915 in Tillamook, Oregon. Death: 22 Nov 1989 in Newberg, Oregon

  5. Fritz Baumgartner: Birth: 29 Oct 1917 in Tillamook, Oregon. Death: 14 Sep 1996 in Tillamook, Oregon

a. Note:   Grandpa came to America in 1906, arriving with 50 cents in his pocket. His plan was to go as far West as he could. He worked his way across country and settled in Tillamook. He was an ingenious inventor. Whenever he needed some tool or equipment to make things easier, he could figure out how to build one. Mother told of how he invented machines to squash apples for cider, etc.
 Grandpa's brothers, Jacob(Jack), Martin, August (Gus), and Ulrich moved to California. Ulrich had been married in Tillamook and his wife burned to death in an accident with a wood stove. She is buried close to our Grandmother. Shortly after she died, he left for California. One of the brothers may have gone back east to Wisconsin, Michigan or Minnesota.
 Grandpa was generous and helpful to the Swiss newcomers in Tillamook. He often let them work for him and live with his family until they got established. This was probably because he had such a hard time when he first arrived. He slept in the mill and the other workers shared their lunches with him or he would have starved.
 Grandpa and Grandma bought the farm at 3270 Baumgartner Road, Tillamook, Oregon in 1916 for $15,000 and had 150 acres. The house burnt down in 1920 and he built the new house and they lived in the barn in the meantime. The farm has since passed out of the family.
 Grandpa was killed in 1929 by a team of runaway horses as he was clearing the field with the kids. They carried him to the house and he died before the doctor could arrive. His last words were: "Come children. Gather around and pray with me. I am dying." is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.