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Marriage: Children:
  1. Estelle Yarger: Birth: Oct 1876 in Clinton County, Oh (Sabina, Ohio). Death: 11 Aug 1929 in Clinton County, Oh (Sabina Cemetery)

  2. Mae Yarger: Birth: 14 Mar 1882 in Clinton County, Ohio. Death: 1954 in Washington C.H. Oh (Washinton Cemetery)

  3. Frank Gilbert Yarger: Birth: Mar 1885 in Jasper Mills, Fayette County Ohio. Death: 7 Jan 1962 in Clinton County, Centerville Cemetery, Leescreek, Oh

  4. Bert Yarger: Birth: 6 Jun 1888 in Clinton County, Oh. Death: 18 May 1961 in Clinton County, Oh

  5. William D. Yarger: Birth: 19 Jul 1894 in Melvin, Oh. Death: 2 Jun 1977 in Washington C.H. Oh

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a. Note:   David Henry Yarger Wayne township directory: 1902 Yarger, D.H. Lees Creek 2miles West \\ Born Fayette County 1860 Occupation: Laborer Same address is Jos, B-1866-Clinton ( Brother) May B-1882-Clinton (Daughter} Stella B-1880-Clinton (Daughter) William D. (David Henry's child) B-1894
  David Henry lived around the Leescreek, Oh area where his dad, David, settled for a short time after moving here from Ross county. His brother, William Trenton, died in Fayette county in 1872 (age 18) when David Henry was only 13 years old. The cause of death was listed as "Brain Fevor". Lived in Jasper Mills In 1885 where Frank was born. Source Sabina news Record Obituary David Henry moved from his parents home in the Milledgeville area to Melvin, Oh where William D. Yarger was born in 1894 and then back to the Leescreek area at the turn of the century while his aging father moved in with sister, Rebecca, near Wilmington (Perhaps close to Lumberton, Oh). Frank Yarger was born March 1885. For a time David Henry lived on Borum Rd. in Clinton county ,Ohio. Grace Yarger remembers visiting the family and how David Henry's grandchildren would sometimes be playing with the neighboring Mulvehill kids. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.