Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Lucienda Hendricks was born 1842. She was the daughter of Daniel Hendricks and Sarah Ellen .

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

Daniel Hendricks was born 1815.

Sarah Ellen was born 1815.

Children of Sarah Ellen // and Daniel /Hendricks/ are:
  1. William Hendricks was born 1832.

  2. Henry Hendricks was born 1837.

  3. Lucienda Hendricks was born 1842.

  4. Tena Hendricks was born 1844, and died BEFORE 1879 in perhaps. She married Walter Burell Cox. He was born circa 1840.

  5. Bennett Hendricks was born 1847.

  6. Sarah Ellen Hendricks was born 24 Feb 1850 in Mount Vernon, Missouri, and died 26 May 1931 in Springfield, Missouri. She married Jasper P. Brownfield. He was born 7 May 1841, and died 20 Feb 1907.

  7. Bet (Elizabeth)? Hendricks. She married Walter Burell Cox on 24 Jun 1879 in Lawrence, Missouri. He was born circa 1840.

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