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1. Title:   Birth certificate - Hollis Melvin Allen
 Death Certificate - Hollis M. Allen
Publication:   June 18,1924
2. Title:   Social Security Application
3. Title:   Marriage Certificate - Hollis Allen/Harriett Child,
Publication:   1949

a. Note:   N636 The famly was still living in Groveland in 1935. By 1940 he and his brother Harvey and sister Florence were living with their mother’s sister Lillian after their father deserted the family. Hollis’ father, Hollis, Harvey and Florence lived in Maine for several years. Hollis tried enlisting in Navy in Bangor, but was refused because of a heart murmur. His father convinced him to move in with Aunt Mary and enlist in Mass. They all went back to live at farmhouse with Aunt Mary in W Newbury. Hollis enlisted using that West Newbury address in 1942.
b. Note:   metastized mesothelioma (cancer from asbestos exposure).
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