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  1. John /Roland/: Birth: Abt 1743.

  2. Abraham /Roland/

  3. Jacob /Roland/: Death: Abt 1779 in ,Rowan Co.,NC

  4. Joseph /Roland/

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a. Note:   ! RW 2 REF: George Rowland 70s Theda Barnett 86 1790C, Rowan Co NC 1m over 16, 1 m under 16 (His ward Gasper, s/o Jacob), 3 f (1 Frina Roland, sister of Gasper) ? ABSTRACTS OF WILLS & ESTATES OF ROWAN CO., NC REL: German Baptist Brethern (Present day Church of Brethern) ( Dunkards or more properly German Tunkers) INFO: 1741, Oct 12 Gasper immegrated on "Friendship" Alex Thomas master from Rotterdam. Oath of Allegiance - Pennsylvania, age 20 Made his mark with an "O". 1741., Philadelphia Co., PA Mid 1750's Gasper placed in the ministry by Germantown Bretheren. 1760, May 5 Gasper purchesed land in Barwick Twp joining lands of John Abbot & Peter Polly. 1762, May 15 Gasper purchased "Good Springs" - "Small Hope" on Great Pope Creek, Fredrick Co. MD 6-4-1762, Casper Roland from David Fouts, Fredrick Co., MD 1766, June 20 Gasper to Abraham Welty 100 acres called "Good Springs" on Grindstone branch of Big Pipe Creek & adjoining 13+ acres called "Small Hope", signed Gasper Rowland (in Dutch). Rowland's wife approves. Fredrick Co., MD Mid 1770s A Brethern congregation appeared in the forks of the Yadkin River about 12 miles NW of Crane Creek, Elder Gasper Roland, Elder John Carver, & others from York Co., PA & Fredrick Co., MD settled around Daniel Lewis' meeting house on the divide between the waters of Dutchman Creek & Bear Creek. The Forks of the Yadkin Brethern, through Elder Hendricks, was closley involved with Crane Creek. Three of the Hendricks' sons, John, Daniel & James belonged to the Forks of the Yadkin congregation. 1775 Gasper Roland ordained by David Martin of SC. 1778, Rowan Co., NC Tax List, Capt. Reed's District 280 pounds 1782-84 Jacob Keithly, Joseph & Gasper Roland were among petitioners of Society of Dunkers to petition Gov. Burke, to assist a member of their group, John Crouse, whose lands had been taken away by a land speculator. 1783, Oct 19 Gasper State Land grant on waters of Dutchman's Creek adjoining Daniel Hendricks. 1785, Aug 2 Gasper appointed guardian of Gasper & Frina Roland, minors and orphans of Jacob Roland, late of Rowan Co, deceased. John Cochanour co-guardian. 1788. Feb 2 Gasper purchased 152 acres from David Hendricks. for 154 pounds for 154 acres on Bartelones Creek bound by William Giles on Richard Bartelones line, Gasper Sansons & corner. witnessed by Joseph Shell & Joseph Roland 1790 census Rowan Co., NC 1 white male 16 +, 1 white male 16 -, 4 females 1795, Gasper Roland sold to Phillip Bedden 127 acres on Beavers Creek Rowan Co., NC, bordered by John Joneton's corner, James Tatean's corner & said Roland corner; Wit. by Benjamin Gilpin, Joseph Roland & David Hendricks 1795, Gasper Roland of Wilks Co sold to John Nail of Rowan, land on Dutchman Creek next to David Hendricks for 155 pounds. 1795, Gasper Roland sold to Charles O'Neal land on Dutchman Creek in Rowan Co for 133 pounds. 1795-96 Gasper lived in the New River country of Wilks Co., NC. Returned 1796 Gasper sold 32 acres on Beaver's Creek in Rowan Co., NC. 1798 Gasper sold 112 acres and 196 acres on Bear Creek in Rowan Co., NC From 1793 to Ayg 1798, Gaasper sold off 7 tracts of land totaling 1203 acres Is this because of the Kentucky migration? 1799 Gasper sold out and moved to Kentucky. 1800 Gasper migrated on to the Dunkard community of Warren Co., KY. It was here many of the members of the Dunkard church from the Forks of the Yadkin, where Gasper was the minister and where it is believed Gasper started the new Dunkard Church of Drakes Creek for the Welties, Hendricks, Keithleys, Hams & the Holcombs. Living several years among his relatives - his grandson Gasper, his nearby granddaughter or his youngest son Joseph. 1809 ca, Gasper died on the waters of the Drake? 1810, July 1 Gasper's property probated in Ashe Co., NC. Deeds D-259, Joseph Roland of Warren Co., Pky (son of Gasper) and Joseph Roland (son of Abraham & grandson of Gasper) executors of Gasper Roland, deceased. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.