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Marriage: Children:
  1. Frank A Thompson: Birth: 13 NOV 1865 in North Guilford, CT.

  2. Ida H. Thompson: Birth: 21 AUG 1868 in North Guilford, CT.

  3. Abbie E. Thompson: Birth: 23 JUN 1870 in North Guilford, CT.

  4. Lena M. Thompson: Birth: 6 JUL 1871 in North Guilford, CT.

  5. Eva Levella Thompson: Birth: 12 FEB 1874 in North Guilford, CT.

  6. Reuben E Thompson: Birth: 8 JUN 1875 in N Guilford, CT.

  7. Bertha J Thompson: Birth: ABT. 1877 in North Guilford, CT.

  8. Julius D. Thompson: Birth: 1 NOV 1878 in North Guilford, CT.

  9. Clifford Liynous Thompson: Birth: 1882 in North Guilford, CT.

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a. Note:   middle name probably Alvin
  Talcott Genealogy spells name Thomson, vital records have it as Thompson
  They were married in N. Guilford, October 12, 1861
 Child 1: unknown name or location-- try Madison Again, or Durham
 Child 2: ditto
 Child 3- 11 born in North Guilford
  Occupation listed under children's birth entries as Laborer, Farmer and (child #7) as Grocery Clerk.
  Birth Record Source: Not found
  Marriage Record Source: Town Vital records, Vol 3, page 185:
 Warren A. Thompson, age 21, b. Madison, residence prior to marriage: N. Guilford, Occup. Farmer
 October 12, 1861- by Rev. Geo. Wood of Guilford
 Myrta A. Hall, age 21, b. N. Guilford, residence prior to marriage: N. Guilford, dau. of Edward
  Death Record Source: Town Vital records, Vol 5
 Warren A. Thompson, died May 26, 1907 in Durham age 66 years, 11 mos., 4 days. b. Madison, CT.
 father: Alvin Thompson; mother: Abbie Watrous; buried: N. Glfd Cemetery
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