Ahnentafel, Generation No. 1

Caroline Morehouse was born 1830. She was the daughter of James Knapp Morehouse and Hana Carlton.

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Ahnentafel, Generation No. 2

James Knapp Morehouse was born in Johnsburg, NY.

Hana Carlton . She was the daughter of Joshua Carlton and Susanah Chamerton.

Children of Hana /Carlton/ and James Knapp /Morehouse/ are:
  1. Christene Morehouse was born 1821.

  2. Susan Morehouse was born 1823.

  3. Olive Morehouse was born 1825.

  4. Thomas Madison Morehouse was born 4 Aug 1829 in Johnsburg, NY, and died 16 May 1906 in Johnsburg, NY. He married Person Not Viewable .

  5. Caroline Morehouse was born 1830.

  6. Catherine Morehouse was born 1830.

  7. Jane Morehouse was born 1839.

  8. Harriet A. Morehouse was born 1843.

Ahnentafel, Generation No. 3

Joshua Carlton .

Susanah Chamerton .

Children of Susanah /Chamerton/ and Joshua /Carlton/ are:
  1. Hana Carlton. She married James Knapp Morehouse on 1789. He was born in Johnsburg, NY.

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