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John WALKUP: Birth: 1760.
John WALKUP: Birth: 1760. Death: ABT. 1823
Jos Tennyson WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1825.
Joseph Auston WALKUP: Birth: in Reference Eliz. Pegram/James Douglas. Death: 31 Oct 1904 in Demonbreun, Nashville, TN D.C. # P-1633
Joseph WALKUP: Birth: 1843.
Joseph WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1780.
Joseph WALKUP: Birth: 1776. Death: 2 Apr 1824 in Michlenbury, NC 8-6-1824
Josephine Nettie WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1880.
Josie Josephine Abernathy WALKUP: Birth: 23 Jul 1899 in Nashville, TN. Death: 8 Apr 1989 in Nashville, TN
Lois WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1890. Death: ABT. 1960
Lottie WALKUP: Birth: 11 Jun 1900.
Lucinda WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1822.
Margaret "Peggy" WALKUP: Birth: 17 Oct 1804. Death: 7 Oct 1875 in Mint Hill, NC
Margaret WALKUP: Birth: 1783. Death: 1860
Margaret WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1824.
Margaret WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1869.
Marget WALKUP: Birth: 1844.
Martha Emiline Rhodes Leana WALKUP: Birth: 11 Oct 1870. Death: ABT. 1946
Martha P. "Patsy" WALKUP: Birth: 22 Aug 1802. Death: 8 Nov 1826 in Mint Hill, NC
Martha WALKUP: Birth: 11 Oct 1880. Death: ABT. 1946
Martha WALKUP: Birth: 1766. Death: 1820
Mary A. WALKUP: Birth: 1853.
Mary Ellen WALKUP: Birth: 23 Jan 1892 in Monroe, NC?.
Mary Louise WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1867.
Nancy Agne WALKUP: Birth: 1773. Death: 1831
Nancy C. WALKUP: Birth: 1809.
Nancy F. WALKUP: Birth: 25 Jan 1854.
Nancy Lee WALKUP: Birth: 12 Jun 1893.
Nancy WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1819.
Nancy WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1825.
Nancy WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1870.
Patsy WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1821.
Pearl WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1890. Death: ABT. 1960 in Wheeler Cem.?
Robert Lee WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1875.
Robert WALKUP: Birth: 1816. Death: 1860
Robert WALKUP: Birth: 1780. Death: ABT. 1846
Robert WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1790.
Samual P. WALKUP: Birth: 30 Jan 1799. Death: UNKNOWN
Samual WALKUP: Birth: 1758. Death: 1851
Samuel Harvey WALKUP: Birth: 4 Dec 1838 in Union County, NC. Death: 16 May 1897 in Tirzah Church, Union County, NC
Samuel Pickens WALKUP: Birth: 30 Jan 1799.
Sara WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1827.
Synthain WALKUP: Birth: 29 Oct 1800.
William Andrew WALKUP: Birth: 7 Oct 1892. Death: 19 Oct 1960 in Nashville, TN
William Harvey WALKUP: Birth: 1899. Death: 1900
William Henry WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1810.
William James WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1846.
William Randolph WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1900.
William Samuel WALKUP: Birth: ABT. 1874.
William WALKUP: Birth: 1837.
William WALKUP: Birth: 1770. Death: UNKNOWN
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Jane WALLACE: Birth: 1686 in Craigie.
John WARHAM: Birth: ABT. 1617 in Elizabeth City Co, VA.
Katherine WARHAM: Birth: ABT. 1637.
Spouse of John WARHAM: Birth: ABT. 1619.
Phillip WARWICK: Birth: ABT. 1681.
Thomas WARWICK: Birth: ABT. 1660. Death: ABT. 1678 in Middlesex Co, VA
Thomas WARWICK: Birth: ABT. 1682.
Elizabeth WATERS?: Birth: ABT. 1656.
James WATSON: Birth: ABT. 1684.
Andrew WAUCHOPE: Birth: ABT. 1620 in 0f Niddrie.
Andrew WAUCHOPE: Birth: ABT. 1640.
Andrew WAUCHOPE: Birth: 1734 in Niddrie.
Andrew WAUCHOPE: Birth: 1710.
Anne WAUCHOPE: Birth: ABT. 1640.
Archibald WAUCHOPE: Birth: 1604. Death: BEF. 1604
Francis WAUCHOPE: Birth: 1632 in Niddrie.
Gilbert WAUCHOPE: Birth: 1528.
Hersay Susan Sydney WAUCHOPE: Birth: ABT. 1827 in Niddrie, M, Scotland.
James DON WAUCHOPE: Birth: ABT. 1684.
James WAUCHOPE: Birth: 1684.
John DON WAUCHOPE: Birth: ABT. 1683.
John WAUCHOPE: Birth: ABT. 1620 in lord of Sissions. Death: 1709
John WAUCHOPE: Birth: ABT. 1640.
John WAUCHOPE: Birth: 1658.
Robert WAUCHOPE: Birth: 1580 in Niddrie.
Sir John WAUCHOPE: Birth: ABT. 1600 in Scotland.
William WAUCHOPE: Birth: ABT. 1797 in Niddrie, M, Scotland.
William WAUCHOPE: Birth: 1554.
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Capt. James Alexander WAUGHUP: Birth: 15 Nov 1724 in Ireland / on ship crossing the Atlantic. Death: 1 Feb 1798
? ? WHEELER: Birth: ABT. 1870.

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