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Marriage: Children:
  1. Julia DEUPREE: Birth: 22 Sep 1782 in VA. Death: 10 May 1857 in MO

  2. Mary G. DEUPREE: Birth: 18 Apr 1784 in VA. Death: 10 Aug 1834 in KY

  3. Thomas DEUPREE: Birth: 12 Jun 1786 in VA. Death: 15 Jan 1825 in IN

  4. Susan DEUPREE: Birth: 30 Apr 1788 in VA. Death: 7 Jan 1815 in LA or VA

  5. William DEUPREE: Birth: 30 Jul 1790 in VA. Death: 23 Jul 1842 in NC

  6. Nancy DEUPREE: Birth: 6 Nov 1791 in VA. Death: 13 Mar 1863 in KY

  7. Joseph DEUPREE: Birth: 4 Apr 1794 in VA. Death: 11 Oct 1814

  8. John DEUPREE: Birth: 18 Jul 1796 in VA. Death: 22 Aug 1798

  9. Overton DEUPREE: Birth: 3 Nov 1798 in VA. Death: 8 May 1832 in VA

  10. Amy W. DEUPREE: Birth: 8 Oct 1800 in VA. Death: Aug 1876 in TN

  11. Prudence P. DEUPREE: Birth: 4 Nov 1802 in VA. Death: 20 Oct 1889 in VA

  12. Abraham Lewis DEUPREE: Birth: 2 Oct 1805 in VA. Death: 15 Apr 1808 in VA

  13. Moses Atkins DEUPREE: Birth: 21 Oct 1807 in VA. Death: 14 Feb 1833 in VA

Marriage: Children:
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a. Note:   The family records of William Deupree (1759-1854) if Charlotte Co., Va, are written in a suede-bound ledger book, six inches wide by fifteen inches tall, and one and a half inches thick. The book was used for many purposes by William Deupree, who had a tavern on the King's Toad (Route 173) and Old Courthouse Road (Route 730) south of Keysville. The ledger contains a few pages of tavern business, and many pages of the ongoing settlement of the estates of two of his sons who prodeceased hi,. Overton Deupree (who died in 1832) and Moses A. Deupree (who died in 1833). There are some pages missing, and lots of blank pages. The earliest date in the book is 1832, and the latest date in the book is 1850. Several of Williams's youngest grandchildren practiced writing their names on the endpapers.
  The family record seems to have been written in 1842 with a few additions after that. Although the entries after 1842 are in a shaky hand, there is a very clear entry for 1850 which may have been written by someone else.
  The ledger book was found in an abandonned Charlotte Co. building in 1957 by Mrs. Gene Hile McKinney. She kept the book, although other valuable papers were saved and given to the Virginia Historical Society. These papers include many leters wirtten by William Deupree's descendants back to Virginia, both before and after his death. In 1983, Mrs. McKinney published the Depree family records in The Southsider: Local History and Genealogy of Southside Virgiaia, and I (Susan Deupree Jones) was a subscriber to the quarterly magazine. Mrs. McKinney subsequently sent me (Susan Deupree Jones) the ledger book. The records appear on four pages near the middle of the book.
  William had thirteen children, of whom ten reached maturity and left descendants upon leaving Virginia. For additional information on these descendants contact (Susan Deupree Jones Home Page) on the net. Ronald E. Johnson 4-1-1998 is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.