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Olu Joensson: Birth: 10 Apr 1826 in Fastmarup,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Anders Johansson: Birth: 22 Jan 1791 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 5 Feb 1873
Bengt Johansson: Birth: 11 Aug 1795 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 19 Nov 1842
Hakan Johansson: Birth: 18 Aug 1793 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 3 Mar 1794
Ingrid Johansson: Birth: 5 Jul 1864 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden.
Johanna Johansson: Birth: 16 Jul 1855 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 8 Dec 1862
Jons Johansson: Birth: 21 Jul 1786 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 17 May 1800
Kerstin Johansson: Birth: Abt 1828 in of Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden.
Kjersti Johansson: Birth: 13 Jan 1851 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 27 Oct 1922
Nils Johansson: Birth: 12 Dec 1852 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 19 Apr 1885
Pernilla Johansson: Birth: 29 Jul 1861 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden.
Peter Johansson: Birth: 10 Aug 1858 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden.
Sven Johansson: Birth: 18 Dec 1788 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 11 Feb 1865
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Adolf Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1861.
Agnis Jonsson: Birth: 1676 in of Kropp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Anders Jonsson: Birth: 25 Jul 1803 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 5 Oct 1884
Anna Jonsson: Birth: 11 Aug 1801 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 2 Nov 1835 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden
Anna Jonsson: Birth: 16 May 1820 in No. Vallakra,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Anna Jonsson: Birth: 1659 in of Kropp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Anna Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1669 in of Hjortshog,Kropp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Bengt Jonsson: Birth: 3 Aug 1807 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 5 Jun 1842
Bengta Jonsson: Birth: 9 Jan 1813 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 14 Jul 1880
Boel Jonsson: Birth: 1654 in of Tollarp,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Ella (Elda) (Johnson) Jonsson: Death: 27 Apr 1814
Elna Jonsson: Birth: 25 Aug 1831 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 3 Aug 1897
Elver Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1661 in of Lena,Alvsborg,Sweden.
Esbjorn Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1730.
Hanna Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1771.
Hanna Jonsson: Birth: 13 May 1827 in No. Vallakra,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 23 Dec 1838
Hans Jonsson: Birth: 11 Jan 1810 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 25 Dec 1892
Hokan (Hakan) Jonsson: Birth: 1717 in Felestad,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 30 Jan 1802 in Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden
Holger Jonsson: Birth: 1745 in Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Holger Jonsson: Birth: 23 Dec 1729 in Hilleshog,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden.
Inger Jonsson: Birth: 1671 in Getinge,Halland,Sweden.
Ingrid Jonsson: Birth: 17 Feb 1860 in Allerum,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 24 Apr 1907 in Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden
Ingrid Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1662 in of Lena,Alvsborg,Sweden.
Johanna (Hanna) Jonsson: Birth: 1663 in of Hyllstorp,Kropp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Johanna Jonsson: Birth: 11 Jun 1818 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 22 Aug 1866
Jon Jonsson: Death: 21 Aug 1770
Karna Jonsson: Birth: 10 Dec 1761 in Hjortshog,Kropp,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 3 Feb 1834 in Rosenlund,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden
Kierstina Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1729 in of Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 29 Jun 1772 in Benarp,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden
Kjerstin Jonsson: Birth: 29 Sep 1817 in No. Vallakra,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Lars Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1754.
Maria Jonsson: Birth: 1661 in Horla,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 6 Mar 1743
Marten Jonsson: Birth: 1649 in of Tollarp,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Olof Jonsson: Birth: 1716 in Tollarp,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Olof Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1749.
Pehr Jonsson: Birth: 19 Mar 1823 in No. Vallakra,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Pehr Jonsson: Birth: Jun 1737 in Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Per Jonsson: Birth: 30 Mar 1718 in Tollarp,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 2 May 1801
Pernilla Jonsson: Birth: 23 Oct 1826 in Glumslov,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 13 Oct 1867
Pernilla Jonsson: Birth: 1740 in Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Sjunne Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1759.
Sone Jonsson: Death: 3 Dec 1770 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden
Truls Jonsson: Birth: Abt 1686 in of Ekeby,Malmohus,Sweden.
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