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Jons Svensson (Palm): Birth: Abt 1844.
Marten (Martin) Persson (Parsson): Birth: 18 May 1750 in Hjortshog,Kropp,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 29 Mar 1823 in Rosenlund,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden
Jesse Downs Page: Birth: 12 Dec 1834 in East Union,Coshocton,Ohio. Death: 13 Jul 1913
Nora Katherine Page: Birth: 2 Aug 1875 in ,Crawford,Kansas. Death: 13 Apr 1941 in Logan,Cache,Utah
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Eskil Palsson: Birth: 20 Oct 1708 in Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 31 Mar 1769 in Brunnsgard,Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden
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Elna Parsson: Birth: 2 Feb 1733 in Frillestad,Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Elna Parsson: Birth: 5 Apr 1734 in Frillestad,Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 21 Mar 1792
Ingeman Parsson: Birth: 23 Jan 1741 in Brunnsgard,Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 26 Jul 1793
Nils Parsson: Birth: Abt 1724 in of So. Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden.
Pernilla Parsson: Birth: 14 Feb 1737 in Brunnsgard,Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Mogens Pavelsson: Birth: Abt 1613 in of Hasslunda,Malmohus,Sweden.
Mrs. Mogens Pavelsson: Birth: Abt 1617 in of Hasslunda,Malmohus,Sweden.
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Swanty Pearse: Birth: Abt 1857.
Anna Pehrsson: Birth: 13 Aug 1852 in No. Vallakra,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Bengta Pehrsson: Birth: 1700 in Risekatslosa,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 13 Feb 1780 in Brunnsgard,Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden
Biritha Pehrsson: Birth: Abt 1673.
Carolina Pehrsson: Birth: 15 Mar 1860 in Fastmarup,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Johan August Pehrsson: Birth: 4 Jan 1858 in Fastmarup,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Johanna Pehrsson: Birth: 11 Jun 1850 in No. Vallakra,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Jons Petter Pehrsson: Birth: 22 May 1855 in No. Vallakra,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Jons Pehrsson: Birth: Abt 1664 in of Farhult,Malmohus,Sweden.
Kjersti Pehrsson: Birth: 15 Aug 1848 in No. Vallakra,Fjarestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Persson: Birth: Nov 1712. Death: STILLBORN
Anders Persson: Birth: 1710 in of Assartorp,Hasslunda,Malmohus,Sweden.
Anders Persson: Birth: 17 Feb 1756 in Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 29 Mar 1819
Anders Persson: Birth: 4 Mar 1749 in Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 5 Dec 1750
Anders Persson: Birth: Abt 1676 in of Ljur,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 21 Dec 1758 in Ljur,Alvsborg,Sweden
Augusta Persson: Birth: Abt 1861.
Bengt Persson: Death: 30 Mar 1795 in Benarp,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden
Bengt Persson: Birth: 16 Oct 1835 in Hesslunda,Malmohus,Sweden.
Brita Persson: Birth: 3 Aug 1763 in Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 5 Aug 1763
Cherstin Persson: Birth: 19 Oct 1751 in Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 28 Aug 1752
Christin Persson: Birth: 4 Aug 1753 in Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 24 Jul 1777
Christina (Chirstena) Persson: Birth: 1718 in of Kropp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Hanna Persson: Birth: Abt 1799.
Hanna Persson: Birth: 28 Jan 1861 in Landskrona,Malmohus,Sweden.
Ingar Persson: Birth: Abt 1796 in of Sodra,Vallakra,Kvistofta,Sweden.
Inger Persson: Birth: Abt 1712 in of Assartorp,Hasslunda,Malmohus,Sweden.
Johan Persson: Birth: in of Klellsgarden. Death: 1 May 1743 in Klellsgarden
Karna Persson: Birth: Abt 1835 in of Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Karna Persson: Birth: Abt 1755.
Kerstina Persson: Birth: Abt 1722 in of Tollarp,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Kierstina Persson: Birth: Abt 1691.
Kirsti Persson: Death: 22 Feb 1747
Kirstin Persson: Birth: 1695 in of Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 18 Jul 1743
Lusse Persson: Birth: Abt 1724 in Hjortshog,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Lusse Persson: Birth: 1715 in of Assartorp,Hasslunda,Malmohus,Sweden.
Nelly Persson: Birth: Abt 1866.
Ola Persson: Birth: Abt 1761.
Oluf Persson: Birth: 4 Dec 1720 in Hjortshog,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Pal Persson: Birth: Abt 1734.
Per Persson: Birth: 28 Feb 1738 in Brunnsgard,Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Rasmus Persson: Birth: 22 Jan 1819 in Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 17 Feb 1905 in Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden
Sissa Persson: Birth: Abt 1726.
Sone Persson: Birth: Abt 1758.
Sone Persson: Birth: Abt 1753.
Sven Persson: Birth: 8 Dec 1747 in Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 15 Jan 1748
Unknown Persson: Birth: 3 Feb 1760 in Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 3 Feb 1760
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Erik Petersson: Birth: 14 Jul 1799 in Kringelang,Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 18 Jul 1875
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