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Elna Andersson: Birth: 20 Mar 1743 in Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden.
Elsa Andersson: Birth: Abt 1722 in of Tollarp,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Erick Andersson: Death: 20 May 1771 in Ljur,Alvsborg,Sweden
Gunilla (Gunhilda) Andersson: Birth: 15 Mar 1835 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 9 Jul 1897
Hanna Andersson: Birth: Abt 1869.
Hanna Andersson: Birth: Abt 1812 in of Hjortshog,Kropp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Hanna Andersson: Birth: 1663 in of Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 3 Mar 1717 in Nedre Glumslov,Glumslov,Malmohus,Sweden
Hanna Andersson: Birth: 1712 in of Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 4 May 1775 in Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden
Hans Andersson: Birth: 1767 in Langared,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 16 Apr 1845 in Langared,Alvsborg,Sweden
Hans Andersson: Birth: Abt 1652 in of Sackegardet,Langared,Alvsborg,Sweden.
Ida Andersson: Death: Dec 1931 in (Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden)
Ingar Andersson: Birth: Abt 1714.
Ingrid Andersson: Birth: 12 Nov 1853 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 23 Jan 1873
Johanna Andersson: Birth: 27 Jan 1869. Death: 2 Jun 1884
Johannes Andersson: Birth: 18 Feb 1823 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 1 Aug 1904 in Logan,Cache,Utah
Jon Andersson: Birth: in of Bene Hohl,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 21 Nov 1736
Jonas Andersson: Birth: 10 Oct 1761 in of Snickarebo,Magra,Alvsborg,Sweden.
Jons Andersson: Birth: 4 Dec 1824 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 17 Apr 1870
Jons Andersson: Birth: 23 Dec 1750 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 17 Feb 1823
Jons Andersson
Jons Andersson: Birth: 1665 in of Hjortshog,Kropp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Karen (Karen) (Karon) Andersson: Birth: 14 Sep 1763 in Dammen,Langared,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 12 Oct 1845 in Langared,Alvsborg,Sweden
Karin Andersson: Birth: Abt 1642 in of Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 17 Aug 1718 in Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden
Karna Andersson: Birth: 1685 in of Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden.
Kierstin Andersson: Birth: 1669 in of Lydestad,Morarp,Malmohus,Sweden.
Kirsti Andersson: Birth: 1 Aug 1861 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden.
Kjersti Andersson: Birth: 23 Mar 1827 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 20 Sep 1895
Kjerstina (Kjerstin) (Kjristena) Andersson: Birth: 16 Oct 1782 in Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 10 Dec 1850
Kjerstina Andersson: Birth: Abt 1797 in of Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Lars Andersson: Birth: Abt 1674 in of Snickarebo,Magra,Alvsborg,Sweden.
Lars Andersson: Birth: Abt 1680 in of Langared,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 8 Jun 1740
Lars Andersson: Birth: Abt 1666 in of Lena,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 15 Aug 1746
Lena Andersson: Birth: 28 Oct 1779 in Anglatorp,Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 15 Apr 1817 in Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden
Marit Andersson: Birth: 1630 in of Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden.
Marta Andersson: Death: 31 Mar 1798 in Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden
Nils Andersson: Birth: Abt 1855.
Nils Andersson: Birth: 10 Apr 1747 in Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden.
Olof Andersson: Birth: 15 Sep 1705 in Nedre Glumslov,Glumslov,Malmohus,Sweden.
Par Andersson: Birth: 28 Jun 1702 in Brunnsgard,Frillestad,Malmohus,Sweden.
Pehr Andersson: Birth: Abt 1690 in of Nedre,Glumslov,Glumslov,Sweden.
Peter Andersson: Birth: 29 Sep 1833 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 30 Dec 1833
Peter Andersson: Birth: Abt 1860.
Pilla Andersson: Birth: 7 Sep 1857 in Sodra Vallakra,Kvistofta,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 19 Feb 1938
Sigrid Andersson: Birth: Abt 1680 in of Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 15 Jan 1749 in Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden
Sven Andersson: Birth: 29 Apr 1829 in Viarp,Harslov,Malmohus,Sweden. Death: 16 May 1917
Sven Andersson: Birth: 30 Oct 1778 in Lena,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 29 Jun 1837 in Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden
Sven Andersson: Birth: Abt 1688 in of Alingsas,Alvsborg,Sweden.
Sven Andersson: Birth: 4 May 1740 in Mangholm Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 11 Apr 1805 in Siene,Alvsborg,Sweden
Thore Andersson: Birth: Abt 1689 in of Sackegardet,Langared,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 7 Nov 1749 in Langared,Alvsborg,Sweden
Torbjorn Andersson: Birth: 1662 in of Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden. Death: 11 Dec 1757 in Fullestad,Alvsborg,Sweden
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Mans Arrildsson: Birth: Abt 1636 in of Glumslov,Malmohus,Sweden.
Mrs. Mans Arrildsson: Birth: Abt 1640 in of Glumslov,Malmohus,Sweden.
Nils Assersson: Birth: Abt 1659 in of Hyllstorp,Kropp,Malmohus,Sweden.

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