Effie Luella /Case/
B: 20 Jun 1900
P: Castle Gate, Carbon Co.,Utah
D: 25 Dec 1972
P: Burley,Cassia,Idaho

 Joseph /Case/
B: 25 Dec 1866
P: Glenwood, Sevier County, Utah
M: 25 Sep 1899
P: Castle Gate, Carbon County, Utah
D: 3 May 1941
P: Burley, Cassia County, Idaho

 Margaret Jane /Wardell/
B: 12 May 1878
P: South Shield, Durham, England
D: 29 Oct 1956
P: Burley, Cassia County, Idaho

 Solomon Cowles /Case/
B: 13 Sep 1825
P: Austinburg, Ashtabula, Ohio
M: 6 Sep 1851
P: Springville, Utah County, Utah
D: 7 Mar 1874
P: Springville, Utah County, Utah

 Elizabeth /Pectol/
B: 9 Apr 1831
P: Greenville, Floyd, Indiana
D: 17 May 1896
P: Springville, Utah County, Utah

 John /Wardell/
B: 6 Apr 1845
P: Barnard Castle, Yoekshire, England
M: 8 Jun 1867
P: South Shields, England
D: 5 Feb 1903
P: Ryhope, Durham, England

 Mary Ann /Sharp/
B: 25 May 1848
P: South Shields, Durham, England
D: 19 Dec 1906
P: Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah

 James /Case/
B: 4 May 1794
P: Norfolk, Litchfield, Connecticut
M: 12 Dec 1815
P: Austinburg, OH
D: 1858
P: Sanpete, Utah
 Hannah /Wiard/
B: 14 Jan 1796
P: Harpersfield, OH
D: 15 Oct 1850
P: Manti, Sanpete, Utah
 George /Pectol/
B: 17 Dec 1805
P: Sullivan County, Tennesse
M: 2 Nov 1828
P: Greenville, Floyd County, Indiana
D: 28 Sep 1869
P: Washington, Washington County, Utah
 Sarah /Reasor/
B: 8 Apr 1810
P: West Shellyville, Shelby, Kentucky
D: 7 Jan 1861
P: MANTI, Sanpete, Utah
 Robert /Wardell/
B: 25 Jan 1795
P: Boldron, Yorkshire, England
M: 8 Oct 1825
P: Startforth, Yorkshire, England
D: ABT. 1853
 Mary /Watson/
B: 1802
P: Startforth, England
D: 6 Apr 1895
 Joseph /Sharp/
B: 10 May 1810
P: Chesterwood, Northumberland, England
M: 1835
D: 19 Feb 1890
P: Felling, Durham, England
 Alice /Blanch/
B: 24 Aug 1813
P: South Shields, Durham, England
D: 20 Jan 1872
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