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Marriage: Children:
  1. Lucinda Jemima Shipp: Birth: 8 Oct 1853 in Greene County MO.. Death: 6 Sep 1854

  2. William Lemuel Shipp: Birth: 15 Jan 1855 in Greene County MO.. Death: 1 Sep 1933 in Mo

  3. Sarah Eveline Shipp: Birth: 25 Sep 1858 in Greene County MO..

  4. Ellen Lutica Shipp: Birth: 28 Sep 1858 in Greene County MO.. Death: 6 Jul 1933 in San Saba, Tx

  5. Alderine Mortimore Shipp: Birth: 28 Aug 1860 in Greene county MO..

  6. Emma Shipp: Birth: 1863 in Greene County MO..

  7. Rufus Edward Shipp: Birth: 22 Apr 1865 in Johnson County MO. Death: 30 May 1871

  8. Joseph Alfred Shipp: Birth: 16 Jun 1868 in Johnson County MO. Death: 11 Jul 1954 in Hamilton, Tx

  9. Thomas Jefferson Shipp: Birth: 10 Jun 1871 in Johnson County MO. Death: 15 Jun 1930 in Caradan,Mills County , Tx

a. Note:   Rufus and Olivia Freeman Shipp, moved into Hamilton County in 1876 from Johnson County, Missouri. They had lived near Springfield prior to that, where they were married in 1852. Rufus was born in Tennessee in 1821 while Olivia, born 1835, was a native of Missouri. Her grandfather, William Freeman, had served in the Tenth North Carolian Militia in the Revolutionary War and is buried in the National Cemetary at Springfield Missouri.
  The Shipps left behind their eldest son William, who was by the 22 years old. With them came six other children, three boys and three girls. They settled on a quarter-section of land on Plum Creek, ten miles SE of Hamilton. The 3 daughters were Ellen,Evaline, and Emma. The 3 sons were Alderine,( my great grandfather) Joe, and Thomas J. Thomas was 5 years old when the family settled in the county. Olivia died within a year of their arrival. Rufus died in 1899. They are buried in the Rock House Cemetary in Hamilton County. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.