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Marriage: Children:
  1. Harriet Matteson: Birth: 21 Aug 1821 in Stafford Corners, NY. Death: 1 Dec 1904

  2. Laura Ann Matteson: Birth: 15 Jun 1823 in Stafford Corners, NY.

  3. Adeline Matteson: Birth: 23 Sep 1825 in Stafford Corners, NY.

  4. Delos Matteson: Birth: 13 Mar 1828 in Stafford Corners, NY. Death: 28 Feb 1907

  5. Charles Samuel Matteson: Birth: 24 Nov 1830 in Stafford Corners, NY.

  6. William Warner Matteson: Birth: 17 Jul 1836 in Stafford Corners, NY.

  7. Hiram Hall Matteson: Birth: 3 Apr 1838 in Stafford Corners, NY. Death: 1896 in Doland, SD

  8. George Dyer Matteson: Birth: 27 Jun 1840 in Stafford Corners, NY.

  9. Franklin Matteson: Birth: 29 Sep 1845 in Stafford Corners, NY. Death: 1910

a. Note:   Judiah and Sophia homesteaded at Stafford Corners, (Calcium, NY) where they raised a large family of nine children. The following is a true and exact copy of the contents of the original document which was written in script, and is in the possession of Alberta Matteson McMurty (Great granddaughter of Judiah Matteson). Wheras Judiah Matteson has this day sold and conveyed to his son Charles S. Matteson his farm in Pamelia and Leray containing 125 acres and has also sold and conveyed to the said Charles S. Matteson all his Personal property on said farm including cattle, horses, farming utensils with the exception of one yoke of oxen now on the farm and the hay and grain now on said farm and his household furniture and said Charles S. Matteson has executed to the said Judiah his mortgage on said farm to secure the payment of the sum of 25 dollars. Now this agreement witnesseth that the following is the agreement and arrangement made between the parties. The possession of the farm and personal property is all to be delivered to the said Charles S. Matteson on the first day of April next and the stock up to that time to be kept on the fodder now on the farm. The said Charles S. after the first of April is to have the entire control of the farm and personal property except the East room, the parlor, the parlor bedroom and parlor chamber which is expressly reserved to the said Judiah and his wife and family during the lifetime of the said Judiah and his wife the said Judiah to furnish for the use of his own and the said Charles S. family what provisions he has on hand and the said grain to be sown on the farm next spring. The said Charles is at all times after the first of April next to furnish to the said Judiah and his wife so long as they or either of them live all necessary provisions, wearing apparel, medical aid, nursing and assistance both in sickness and in health and the said Charles shall also at all reasonable times furnish to the said Judiah or his wife a suitable horse, carriage, and harness for when they or either of them desire to go abroad and also pay to the said Judiah annually during his life over and above what is secured in the aforesaid mortgage the sum of fifty dollars and in case the said Judiah should die leaving his wife surviving him, then she is to have her support and the privileges herein provided for and the sum of 25 dollars annually so long as she shall see fit to remain in the house or in the family of the said Charles. But in case she should choose to reside elsewhere then the said Charles shall pay her the weekly sum of two dollars during her natural life in lieu of the pension herein provided for her. It is further agreed that the said Charles shall not rent or otherwise dispose of the farm or the use and occupation of it during the lifetime of the said Judiah without the written consent of the said Judiah, and hereby acknowledges himself a tenant at the will to the said Judiah of the said farm and subject to be removed on thirty days notice as provided by law for the removing of tenants at will and the letting of the farm without to be deemed a nonperformance of their agreement. Witness our names and seals this 21 day of January 1858. Judiah Matteson Charles Matteson Jefferson county this 21 day of January 1858 personally appeared before us Judiah Matteson and Charles S. Matteson known to be the same person whe executee the foregoing agreement and duly acknowledge the same. J.G. Hoyt, J.P. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.