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Marriage: Children:
  1. Burton James Matteson: Birth: 2 Jul 1863 in Clayton, NY. Death: 24 Nov 1948 in Donna, TX

  2. Jennie Matteson: Birth: 1865. Death: 1880

  3. Benton Eugene Matteson: Birth: 3 Feb 1867 in Newark, IL.

  4. Olive Matteson: Birth: 1871 in Newark, IL. Death: 1887 in Chebanse, IL

  5. Byron O. Matteson: Birth: 24 Aug 1872 in Newark, IL. Death: 1951 in Syracuse, Onondaga County, NY

  6. William Bud Matteson: Birth: 21 Sep 1874 in Newark, IL. Death: 1957 in Everett, WA

  7. Ida Mae Matteson: Birth: 18 Jan 1877 in Chebanse, IL. Death: 18 Jul 1963 in Quincy, WA

  8. Laura Valentine Matteson: Birth: 14 Feb 1879 in Chebanse, Illinois, USA. Death: 4 Nov 1931 in St. Lawrence, NY, USA

  9. John Allen Matteson: Birth: 25 Jun 1881 in Peoria, IL. Death: 31 Aug 1974 in Hawarden, IA

  10. George S. Matteson: Birth: 20 Sep 1888 in Doland, SD. Death: 1954 in St. Lawrence, NY

a. Note:   Hiram and Josephine lived in Clayton, NY for a year where Mr. Matteson worked in the ship yard. Their first son was born, Burton James Matteson July 3, 1862, in Clayton, NY. Josephine taught school on Grindstone Island, NY. In the summer of 1863, they went in a sailing vessel to Chicago, IL and located on a farm about five miles from Chicago. They worked the farm and raised fine horses. As the horses were quite valuable in those days, Mr. Matteson traded a horse for 80 acres of land on which he later discovered a coal mine. He sunk a shaft and with the use of a horse dug the coal out in buckets. At the time the railroads were not built through that section and marketing of the coal was difficult. Because of this he sold the Matteson Coal Mine for a $1,000.00. Some years later the owner sold the mine to the Vermillien Coal Company for $1,000,000.00. The mine, in the year 1927, was still being worked and proved to be one of the richest in the state. The village of Matteson, IL was named after Hiram Hall Matteson. Hiram and family lived in Illinois for twenty five years and then moved to Doland, SD, the new country to the west. It was here that many of the people from Watertown, NY and the north country settled. After Hiram's death, Josephine returned east to Clayton, NY where she met and later married Peter Mayer in February, 1905. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.