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Marriage: Children:
  1. Thomas Matteson: Birth: 22 Jun 1742 in Coventry, RI. Death: 5 Jun 1809 in Bennington, VT

  2. Sarah Matteson: Birth: 28 Apr 1745 in Coventry, RI.

  3. Francis Matteson: Birth: 14 Jan 1746/47 in Coventry, RI.

  4. David Matteson: Birth: 12 May 1749 in Coventry, RI.

Marriage: Children:
  1. Phebe Matteson: Birth: 11 Jun 1753 in Coventry, RI.

  2. John Matteson: Birth: 10 Oct 1754 in Coventry, RI.

  3. Henry Matteson: Birth: 29 Sep 1756 in Coventry, RI.

  4. Job Matteson: Birth: 12 Apr 1758 in Coventry, RI. Death: 4 May 1809

  5. Joseph Matteson: Birth: 28 Jan 1760 in Coventry, RI.

  6. Richard Matteson: Birth: 3 May 1762 in Coventry, RI. Death: 9 Feb 1792 in Shaftsbury, VT

  7. Susannah Matteson: Birth: 23 Dec 1764 in Coventry, RI.

  8. Hannah Matteson: Birth: 21 Oct 1766 in Coventry, RI.

  9. Jane Matteson: Birth: 4 May 1768 in Coventry, RI.

  10. Solomon Matteson: Birth: 16 Jul 1770 in Coventry, RI.

  11. Elizabeth Matteson: Birth: 1 Feb 1774 in Coventry, RI.

  12. Mercy Matteson: Birth: 14 Jan 1776 in Coventry, RI.

  13. Martha Matteson: Birth: 3 Jun 1778 in Coventry, RI.

a. Note:   The will of Thomas Matteson reads; To Thomas 30 silver dollars together with what he hath already received to his full portion of my estate. To son Francis 30 silver dollars, to son John 50 silver dollars, to son David 30 dollars, to son Henry 50 dollars, to son Job all my lands north of highway leading to the bridge at the north end of Fish Pond. To three oldest daughters Sara Colvin, Phebe Whaley, and Hannah Tyler 20 dollars each. To daughter Elizabeth Matteson feather beds, 15 dollars and one quarter of pewter and iron used in the house. To daughter Mercy same as to daughter Elizabeth. To the heirs of my son Richard, deceased, namely Levi Alden, Joanna and Richard Matteson 60 dollars. To my son Henry all of my wearing apparel. To son Solomon my homestead farm (at Coventry, RI) I now live on. I give and bequeath unto my truly and well beloved wife Susannah Matteson one room in my dwelling house for her use during her natural life and that one half of all pewter, iron ware free and clear forever and my black mare and side saddle, and bridle and one cow be kept all of the year round and eight bushels of good corn and four bushels of rye and 40 pounds weight good pork and 40 pounds weight of good beef yearly and every year during her natural life and to be provided her out of my estate and outdoor movable estate that I here in after give to my son Solomon Matteson, and all the last mentioned gifts to be in lieu of her rights of dowry and power of thirds in and unto all my real estate to be performed by my executor here in after named. On 9 August 1790 Thomas and wife Susannah deeded to son Job part of their homested in Coventry, RI bounded east on Carr's River on which was the saw mill, it being part of the farm he had received from his father Francis Matteson. He was known as 'Thomas of Warwick'. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.