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a. Note:   Thomas immigrated to America in 1666. He was a Surveyor and soldier. Thomas Truman was the one who transported Thomas Greenfield and 11 others to the Maryland Colony. For this service he was granted 600 acres by the coloniel government. There were three Truman brothers, possibly four, who came to Maryland, being from the same area in England as the Greenfields. Maj. Thomas Truman, benefactor of Thomas Greenfield and Uncle of his wife Martha, was a surveyor and it is said he surveyed much of southern Maryland. He was also in charge of guarding the northern frontier against indians. Note:(from Historic Graves of Maryland and the District of Colombia) "At Trent Hall, a few miles up the river, are some very old and handsome Tombstones, or rather what is left of them, for they are in such a state of neglect that their disappearance is a matter of time. Two are upright and four are in a fence corner, badly broken. The tobacco grows up almost to these stones and the tenant who farms the place, while congratulating himself on his fine crop, quietly ignores the claims of the dead. Little cares he for the memory of Maj. Thomas Truman, his wife Mary, brothers Nathaniel and James. Yet this group of stones is among the oldest yet discovered in Maryland." Thomas' stone reads: "Here Lyeth the Body of Thomas Truman, Esqr. Who died the 6th day of December Anno. 1885. Age 60 years. "The memory of the Just is Blessed" Prov.Ye 10 Ch. & 7th verse" Maj. Thomas Truman had evidently been a royalist and he found safety from the Puritan regime in Maryland where he became a huge landholder up and down the Patuxent River. The Cavaliers were coming either as free ex-soldiers or were being brought to america as indentured servants upon their capture. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.