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a. Note:   Al was born May 21, 1922. He was 16 years older than his half-sister, Marilyn Jean Wulf (Lyn). Al and Marilyn had the same mother, but different fathers. Al served in the Army Air Corps in W.W.II. In the last few years of Al's life, family relations between Al and his sister Marilyn were strained at best. Due to a sad misunderstanding caused by an innocent remark made by Marilyn's husband, Samuel Kibler (Sam), in a letter to Marilyn's father, Al and his family grew to dislike Samuel despite several attempts by Samuel to explain the remark and repair the damage. But Al and his family refused to listen. They had their minds made up. This family rift eventually resulted in an extremely sad situation for Lyn. Lyn had been hurt by the misunderstanding over Samuel's remark because she understood there was no malice in it. She hated that there was this split in the family and was deeply saddened by it. The worst was to come when Al died suddenly after a period of illness. Al attended the Navy boot camp graduation for Samuel and Marilyn's son, Robert W. Kibler, at Great Lakes, IL., in October, 1994, along with Samuel, Marilyn, and daughter, Heather, who had arrived from San Diego. The next visit was in the Summer of 1996. Again Samuel, Marilyn, and Heather visited Chicago and spent a few hours with Al and his family. Al seemed well at that time. Between visits, there was little communications from Al's family except for a Christmas Card or when Lyn might make an infrequent phone call. The sad event occurred on Sept. 5, 1997 when Sam and Lyn received a note from a cousin of Lyn's notifying them of a change of address. Also in the note was a reference expressing sorrow over the loss of Lyn's brother! This was shocking news, so Lyn got on the phone immediately and after unsuccessful attempts to call Al's family, finally contacted a long time family friend who confirmed that Al had died the previous August 3rd. Over a month previously, and no one had bothered to notify Lyn. There was, in addition to the sadness and grief over the loss of her brother, the shock and disbelief that her brother had died and no member of the family contacted her. To make it even worse, Lyn found out that Al had been very ill since shortly after the visit in the Summer of 1996. He had developed colon cancer, had a stroke, had surgery, chemotherapy, and the cancer spread to other parts of his body until he eventually passed away. None of this was made known to Lyn. After this event, Lyn had to deal with the disrespect her brother's family had shown her and with the fact of being an outcast from those she had thought were her loving family. is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.