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Marriage: Children:
  1. Charles Gaither: Birth: 1702. Death: 1702

  2. Edward Gaither: Birth: BEF. 1713.

  3. Rebecca Gaither: Birth: BEF. 1713.

  4. Benjamin Gaither: Birth: BEF. 1713 in Abington.

  5. Joseph Gaither: Birth: BEF. 1713.

  6. Rachel Gaither: Birth: BEF. 1713.

  7. Richard Gaither: Birth: 25 Dec 1714 in Abington, Anne Arundel, MD.

  8. Samuel Gaither: Birth: BEF. 1717.

  9. David Gaither: Birth: BEF. 1718 in Abington, Anne Arundel, MD.

  10. Alexander Gaither: Birth: in Abington, Anne Arundel, MD. Death: 1769

Marriage: Children:
  1. Amos Gaither: Birth: BEF. 1720 in Abington, Anne Arundel, MD. Death: Sep 1790

  2. John Gaither: Birth: ABT. 1720. Death: 1751

  3. Ruth Gaither: Birth: 15 Nov 1721.

  4. Mary Gaither: Birth: BEF. 1724.

  5. Ruth Gaither: Birth: 4 Oct 1724.

  6. Joshua Gaither: Birth: 1726.

  7. Rezin Gaither: Birth: 1726. Death: 1807

  8. Samuel Gaither: Death: 1783

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a. Note:   There is some uncertainty as to which of John Gaither IV wives (Jane Buck & Elizabeth Duvall), gave birth to which children. It is felt with a degree of certainty that the mother of John Gaither, V was Elizabeth Duvall. The list of children for each wife of John IV, is as listed by Harry Wright Newman in his book "Anne Arundel Gentry". is NOT responsible for the content of the GEDCOMs uploaded through the WorldConnect Program. The creator of each GEDCOM is solely responsible for its content.