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Marriage: Children:
  1. Agnes Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1130 in <,Le Mans,Sarthe,France>. Death: 1192 in of,Anyore,England

  2. Henry II "Plantagenet" England: Birth: 5 MAR 1133 in ,Le Mans,Sarthe,France. Death: 6 JUL 1189 in ,Chinon,Indre-et-Loire,France

  3. Geoffrey VI "Mantell" Plantagenet: Birth: 3 JUN 1134 in ,Rouen,Seine-Maritime,France. Death: 27 JUL 1157 in ,Nantes,Loire-Atlantique,France

  4. Guillaume Plantagenet: Birth: 22 JUL 1136 in ,Argentan,Orne,France. Death: 30 JAN 1163/1164 in ,Rouen,Seine-Maritime,France

  5. Emma Plantagenet: Birth: ABT 1138 in of,Normandy,France.

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