Matilda (Maud) Empress/Germany/
B: BEF 5 AUG 1102
P: ,London,Middlesex,England
D: 10 SEP 1169
P: Notre Dame,Rouen,Seine-Maritime,France

 Henry I "Beauclerc"/England/
B: 1068
P: ,Selby,Yorkshire,England
M: 11 NOV 1100
P: Westminster,London,Middlesex,England
D: 1 DEC 1135
P: ,St Denis,Seine-St Denis,France

 Matilda "Atheling" Princess/Scotland/
B: ABT 1079/1080
P: ,Dunfermline,Fifeshire,Scotland
D: 1 MAY 1118
P: ,Westminster,Middlesex,England

 William I "The/England/
B: 14 OCT 1024
P: ,Falaise,Calvados,France
M: 1050
P: Castle of,Angi,Normandy,France
D: 10 SEP 1087
P: Hermenbraville,Rouen,Seine-Inferieure,France

 Matilda Countess of/England/
B: ABT 1031
P: of,Flanders,France
D: 2 NOV 1083
P: ,Caen,Calvados,France

 Malcolm III "Ceanmor/Scotland/
B: ABT 1033
P: of,Atholl,Perthshire,Scotland
M: 1067/1069
P: of,Atholl,Perthshire,Scotland
D: 13 NOV 1093
P: Alnwick,Northumberland,England

 Margaret "Atheling" Queen/Scotland/
B: ABT 1042/1045
P: of,Wessex,England
D: 16 NOV 1093
P: Edinburgh Castle,Edinburgh,Mid-Lothian,Sco...

 Robert I "The/Normandy/
B: ABT 999
P: of,Normandy,France
M: ABT 1023
P: Not Married
D: 2 JUL 1035
P: ,Nicea,Bithynia,Turkey
 Harlette de /Falaise/
B: ABT 1003
P: of,Falaise,Clavados,France
 Baudouin V Count/Flanders/
B: ABT 1012
P: ,Flanders,France
M: ABT 1025
P: ,Paris,Seine,France
D: 1 SEP 1067
P: ,Lille,Nord,France
 Adele (Alix) Princess/France/
B: 1009
P: ,France
D: 1079
P: Monastere de l'O,Messines,France
 Duncan I King/Scotland/
B: ABT 1013
P: of,Atholl,Perthshire,Scotland
M: 1030
P: ,Scotland
D: 14 AUG 1040
P: Iona,Near Elgin,Scotland (Killed
 Sibyl /FitzSiward/
B: ABT 1014
P: of,Northumberland,England
D: 1040
 Edward "Atheling" Prince/England/
B: 1016
P: ,Wessex,England
M: ABT 1035
P: of,London,Middlesex,England
D: 1057
P: ,London,Middlesex,England
 Agatha von /Brunswick/
B: ABT 1018
P: ,Braunschweig,Prussia
D: 13 JUL 1024
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