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Sancha Princess of Castile_And_Leon: Birth: AFT 1102 in of,Toledo,Toledo,Spain. Death: 28 FEB 1159
Urraca Alfonsez Queen Castile_And_Leon: Birth: ABT 1082 in of,Burgos,Castile,Spain. Death: 8 MAR 1126 in ,Saldana,Palencia,Spain
Elvira (Sancha) Alfonsez Castile_Y_Leon: Birth: ABT 1083 in of,Burgos,Burgos,Spain.
Elvira Alfonso de Castilla: Birth: ABT 1068 in of,Toledo,Toledo,Spain. Death: AFT 1151
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Benjamin Cave: Birth: 1680 in Windsor,County Berkshire,England. Death: 1762 in St. Marks Parish,Culpeper Co,Va
John Cave: Birth: ABT 1611 in <pickwell,England>.
Sarah Cave: Birth: ABT 1700 in of Pickwell,Leicestershire,England. Death: AFT 1755 in North Carolina
William Cave: Birth: 1637 in of Pickwell,Leicestershire,England. Death: 1713
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Catherine Challons: Birth: ABT 1390 in of,Challons Leigh,Devonshire,England.
Robert Challons: Birth: ABT 1366 in of,England.
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Philip Bishop of Chalons: Birth: ABT 1092 in of,Blois,Loir-et-Cher,France.
Garrett M. Chambers
Alix (Adele) Countess Champagne: Birth: ABT 1140 in of,Blois Loir-et-Ch,France. Death: 4 JUN 1206 in ,Paris,Seine,France
Alix de Champagne: Birth: ABT 1100 in of,Blois,Loir-et-Cher,France. Death: ABT 1145
Eleonore de Champagne: Birth: ABT 1104 in of,Blois,Loir-et-Cher,France. Death: 14 OCT 1141/1142
Eustace IV Count Champagne: Birth: ABT 1130 in ,Blois,Loir-et-Cher,France. Death: 11 AUG 1153 in Bury Abbey,Bury-St Edmunds,Suffolk,England
Eustache de Champagne: Birth: ABT 1090 in of,Champagne,France.
Guillaume de Champagne: Birth: ABT 1086 in of,Blois,Loir-et-Cher,France. Death: 1150
Henri (Eudes) de Champagne: Birth: ABT 1101/1102 in of,Blois,Loir-et-Cher,France. Death: 8 AUG 1171 in ,Winchester,Hampshire,England
Henri I Count Champagne: Birth: 1127 in ,Champagne,France. Death: 16 MAR 1181 in ,Troyes,Aube,France
Humbert de Champagne: Birth: ABT 1094 in of,Blois,Loir-et-Cher,France. Death: in Died Young
Lithuise Adela de Champagne: Birth: ABT 1098 in of,Blois,Loir-et-Cher,France. Death: 1118
Margaret Champagne: Birth: ABT 1090 in of,Leicestershire,England.
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Marie Countess of Champagne_Blois: Birth: 1128 in of,Champagne,France. Death: 17 AUG 1190
Joan Champernon
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Muriel Chappell: Birth: ABT 1040 in of,Somersetshire,England.
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Erenburg, Mrs de Chateau_du_Loire: Birth: ABT 1030 in of,France.
Gervase Seigneur de Chateau_du_Loire: Birth: ABT 1030 in of Chateau,Eure-et-Loire,France.
Matilde de Chateau_du_Loire: Birth: ABT 1055 in of,Chateau du Loire,Eure-et-Loire,France. Death: 1099
Jeanne de Chateaudun
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Aimeri I Viscount Chatellerault: Birth: 1075 in ,Chatellerault,Vienne,France.
Boson II Viscount Chatellerault: Birth: 1050 in ,Chatellerault,Vienne,France.
Eleanor de Chatellerault: Birth: ABT 1103 in ,Chatellerault,Vienne,France. Death: AFT MAR 1130
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Henry Lord of Chaumont: Birth: ABT 1075 in of,Valois,Bretagne,France. Death: 1130
Anne (Agnes) Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1254 in of,Stoke Bruern,Northumberland,England.
Bouchard Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1022 in of St Symphoro,Lamans,Maine,France.
Cecily Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1109 in of,Wishford,Wiltshire,England.
Emma Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1256 in of,Stoke Bruern,Northumberland,England.
Ernald de (Chaources) Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1000 in of St Symphoro,Lamans,Maine,France.
Eve Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1252 in of,Stoke Bruern,Northumberland,England.
Hervey (Harvey) Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1248 in of,Stoke Bruern,Northumberland,England. Death: ABT 1270
Hugh Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1115 in of,Chaworth,Nottinghamshire,England.
Hugh Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1025 in of St Symphoro,Lamans,Maine,France.
Maud de Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1282 in of,Kidwelly,Carmarthenshire,Wales. Death: AFT 19 FEB 1317
Morgan Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1106 in of,Chaworth,Nottinghamshire,England.
Mrs-Ernald de (Chaources) Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1002 in of St Symphoro,Lamans,Maine,France.
Mrs-Hugh Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1029 in of St Symphoro,Lamans,Maine,France.
Pagen Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1117 in of,Gloucestershire,England.
Patrick de Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1250 in of,Kempsford,Gloucestershire,England. Death: BEF 7 JUL 1283
Patrick de Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1158 in ,Stoke Bruern,Northampshire,England. Death: 1257/1258
Patrick de Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1111 in of,Kempsford,Gloucestershire,England. Death: BEF 1155
Patrick Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1052 in of,Chaworth,Nottinghamshire,England.
Payne Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1245 in of,Stoke Bruern,Northumberland,England. Death: 1278
Robert Chaworth: Birth: ABT 1107 in of,Nottingham,England.
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Sibyl de Chaworth_(Chaour: Birth: ABT 1112 in of,Kempsford,Gloucestershire,England. Death: BEF 1147 in Near the Choir,Bradenstoke,Wiltshire,England
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Lucy Countess of Chester: Birth: ABT 1070 in of,Spalding,Lincolnshire,England. Death: ABT 1136
Gisele Chevreuse: Birth: ABT 980 in of Beaumont-sur-,Oise,Normandy,France.
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John Chiverton
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James Chudleigh: Birth: ABT 1331 in of,Broadclist Manor,Devonshire,England.
Joan Chudleigh: Birth: ABT 1356 in of,Broad Clyst,Devonshire,England. Death: 8 DEC 1423/1433
John Chudleigh: Birth: ABT 1307 in of Chudleigh,Devon.,Eng.. Death: in Broad Clyst Mano,Devon.,Eng.
John Chudleigh: Birth: ABT 1282 in of Chudleigh,Devon.,Eng..
John Chudleigh: Birth: ABT 1257 in of Chudleigh,Devon.,Eng..
Mary Chudleigh: Birth: ABT 1360 in of Assheriston o,Dvnshr,Engl.
Petronell Chudleigh: Birth: ABT 1358 in of Assheriston o,Dvnshr,Engl.
Adeliza (Alice) de Clare: Birth: ABT 1077 in of,Essex,England. Death: ABT 1163 in ,England
Adeliza de Clare: Birth: 1069 in ,Tunbridge,Kent,England. Death: ABT 1138 in ,England
Agnes de Clare: Birth: ABT 1112 in of,Tunbridge,Kent,England. Death: in ,England
Baldwin de Clare: Birth: ABT 1114 in of,Tunbridge,Kent,England. Death: in ,England
Baldwin FitzGilbert de Clare: Birth: ABT 1088/1092 in of,Lincolnshire,England. Death: 1171 in ,England
Basilia de Clare: Birth: ABT 1116 in of,Tunbridge,Kent,England. Death: in ,England
Eveline (Aveline) de Clare: Birth: ABT 1172 in of,Hereford,Herefordshire,England. Death: ABT 4 JUN 1225 in ,England
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