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Marriage: Children:
  1. Miss Comyn: Birth: ABT 1248 in of,Altyre,Morayshire,Scotland.

  2. Elizabeth Comyn: Birth: ABT 1248 in of,Buchan,Aberdeenshire,Scotland. Death: BEF 17 FEB 1328 in of Castle,Prudhoe,Northumberland,England

  3. Elena Comyn: Birth: ABT 1254 in of,Altyre,Morayshire,Scotland.

  4. Marjorie Comyn: Birth: ABT 1256 in of,Altyre,Morayshire,Scotland.

  5. Bridget Comyn: Birth: ABT 1257 in of,Altyre,Morayshire,Scotland.

  6. John Comyn: Birth: 1260 in <of,Altyre,Morayshire,Scotland>. Death: in Spm,England

  7. Roger Comyn: Birth: ABT 1261 in of,Altyre,Morayshire,Scotland.

  8. William Comyn: Birth: ABT 1263 in of,Altyre,Morayshire,Scotland. Death: AFT 1306

  9. Margaret Comyn: Birth: ABT 1265 in of,Altyre,Morayshire,Scotland.

  10. Catherine Comyn: Birth: ABT 1267 in of,Altyre,Morayshire,Scotland.

  11. Alexander Comyn: Birth: ABT 1270 in of,Buchan,Aberdeenshire,Scotland. Death: 1305

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